Ten years: then, now and later?!

This post by Pioneer Woman triggered this entry of Laksh. Well, I could have left a comment on either blog, though got tempted to really think on this.

Where was I; 10 years back same time – July 1998? It was a year after I had completed my under grad, was preparing for CAT to take up MBA in one of the esteemed institutes. Was working in a small firm. Enjoyed the company of friends. No big dreams apart from the MBA one. Of course that was a step to a career to be proud of; but did not really think much on those lines. I realise I never really thought big of anything…a career, life ahead or whatever. Just lived the way my life went. The year later, not having gotten through; I started trying out for a job; landed one, a year later was married to the supposed love of my life. Life ahead was just with him, since he was in the US,  moved over there. Thought eventually I would get a job or do my masters.

Ten years later, now 2008,  after attempts at trying to get a masters, still have done nothing 🙂 I face a divorce now with a son to take care of. This is when I did not really have any great plans. Thought a job/ education/ simple life with family were simple things. Actually job did not really feature much even in my thoughts most of the time! 😀

Do I dare dream of what I want? Well, I do have some I can write here about, some I can’t right now! Hoping all those work out. For a change, I have some solid plans for my future! Though I am scared they might not all happen, I might get hurt/lose out….I am just trying to be positive (I figured out that being negative did not really help me much and was pushing me more into depression with suicidal thoughts). I hope that 10 years down the lane, I can write saying I am content or may be even actually deliriously happy (cos I have been depressed for way too long now!! I guess I deserve the other extreme for a while 😉 )