Ten years: then, now and later?!

This post by Pioneer Woman triggered this entry of Laksh. Well, I could have left a comment on either blog, though got tempted to really think on this.

Where was I; 10 years back same time – July 1998? It was a year after I had completed my under grad, was preparing for CAT to take up MBA in one of the esteemed institutes. Was working in a small firm. Enjoyed the company of friends. No big dreams apart from the MBA one. Of course that was a step to a career to be proud of; but did not really think much on those lines. I realise I never really thought big of anything…a career, life ahead or whatever. Just lived the way my life went. The year later, not having gotten through; I started trying out for a job; landed one, a year later was married to the supposed love of my life. Life ahead was just with him, since he was in the US,  moved over there. Thought eventually I would get a job or do my masters.

Ten years later, now 2008,  after attempts at trying to get a masters, still have done nothing 🙂 I face a divorce now with a son to take care of. This is when I did not really have any great plans. Thought a job/ education/ simple life with family were simple things. Actually job did not really feature much even in my thoughts most of the time! 😀

Do I dare dream of what I want? Well, I do have some I can write here about, some I can’t right now! Hoping all those work out. For a change, I have some solid plans for my future! Though I am scared they might not all happen, I might get hurt/lose out….I am just trying to be positive (I figured out that being negative did not really help me much and was pushing me more into depression with suicidal thoughts). I hope that 10 years down the lane, I can write saying I am content or may be even actually deliriously happy (cos I have been depressed for way too long now!! I guess I deserve the other extreme for a while 😉 )

9 thoughts on “Ten years: then, now and later?!

  1. I loved the last para. I really hope 10 yrs from now, I will see a deliriously happy Apar. That will be the best thing! You definitely do deserve it much.

  2. 10 years on … you will be mother to a handsome teenage son! And I can imagine you still pouring all your love onto him as you do now. 🙂

  3. Hi apar,
    10 yrs from now on…You will see a new stronger matured woman in yourself.A loving responsible mother ,the biggest duty to be fulfilled.Good luck!

  4. hey

    I hope it wont take 10 years for you to have a happy life and that a year ahead, i would get to see you as happy if not deliriously so!!

  5. You will be happy for sure…and what is life if there are no dreams and aspirations?? I think dreams are a catalyst for us to do better…and desire better things for ourselves and our loved ones…so dream on Apar and happiness will soon follow 🙂

  6. Do, please, dream of what you want. It’s wonderful you have plans for the future. I gather from this post (as I’m new to your blog) that you have had some life-changing situations, but I’m encouraged that you have decided to think positively. Yay!

  7. Spillay, Bhuvi : Yeah, I will have Aakash and will be happy for every success of his & be there to boost him when there is trouble, but selfish though it may sound to many; I want something to in my own life too.
    Y: I know you sure are one person who is rooting for that 🙂 Thanks, maybe I don’t say it to you often enough!
    Rajitha, museditions: I do hope the dreams work out. Thanks! Don’t know how long the positive frame of mind stays, setbacks after setbacks tends to put you on a back foot and right back on to pessimism. Hoping to have some happy posts here!

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