How convenient it would be if there was such a button in life? Just delete whatever episodes in life one does not wants to remember, or a person who has caused pain in some form or the other!

Sounds good right? I wish I had such a button for a lot of episodes and at least a couple of people right now in life.

Or even a ctrl+alt+del to restart 🙂 ?! Don’t we all have somethings that could be restarted or rollbacked. Nice terms and convenience for so many processes, why not in real life? Back up all the good times.

Just went through a harrowing day and wish I could delete a lot of things today and the last couple of months. Cried, slept through depression and now typing this in.

As somebody told me today…Life sucks! We still have to get through it and why not do it one’s way and not through what others say /do/judge. Who is anyone to judge another person? Is one’s life so perfect that if one’s advices were not heard by another, the other is condemned or to say “I told you so!”?? Does that not hurt the other more than what she goes through at that point? Alright, I am going off in a tangent yet again! I just want to get through this also. I probably will, right now; I feel like crap nothing can go right ever!