Table for 1! Anyone?

I have written before, don’t know if it was here or as a response to some entry on another blog. I hate to be alone. I dread the time when I have to get back to an empty house.

Today, I happen to have an invite to one of the popular plays in town – admitting 2 people. I called friends who were around to ask them if they were free to accompany me. All of them had plans. So, I could not get myself to go to the play alone, I am sitting here typing this entry 🙂

I used to ask a friend of mine how he could come to an empty house or go to the movies alone. I doubt if I could ever do those or go ask for a table for one! I could not even go and order a cup of coffee at Starbucks there or Coffee Day here. Pathetic right?

There are definitely times when I sit with a book, music in the back ground or when I go to the beach to sit & stare at the waves, think nothing (though that is becoming an impossibility with A around who loves the beach 😉 ). Times when I would be alone and not be bothered.

Hats off to people who do that! And please give me pointers to get there 🙂 I guess I have A till he grows up to have his own life. Time for me to prepare… a friend of mine mocked me saying I was thinking way too much about what is ahead 15 years later. Can’t get those thoughts or that friend out of my mind now!


There are times when I wonder if I need to plan anything ever. I was all positive few posts back, said I had plans; then again who am I to plan??! Especially with all that happens in my life! 🙂 I dared so far to plan for something 10 years ahead, when I don’t even know what can happen the next day.

To the change that has come about, it is pretty devastating especially playing havoc with my emotions. For some bizarre reason, I am still hoping that it is only a glitch and I don’t lose that one person who I have learnt to treasure.

I should also learn to just live day to day not even thinking what will happen the next! Somehow, it is difficult not to think of what is in store! Hope is all I have I suppose!!