Table for 1! Anyone?

I have written before, don’t know if it was here or as a response to some entry on another blog. I hate to be alone. I dread the time when I have to get back to an empty house.

Today, I happen to have an invite to one of the popular plays in town – admitting 2 people. I called friends who were around to ask them if they were free to accompany me. All of them had plans. So, I could not get myself to go to the play alone, I am sitting here typing this entry 🙂

I used to ask a friend of mine how he could come to an empty house or go to the movies alone. I doubt if I could ever do those or go ask for a table for one! I could not even go and order a cup of coffee at Starbucks there or Coffee Day here. Pathetic right?

There are definitely times when I sit with a book, music in the back ground or when I go to the beach to sit & stare at the waves, think nothing (though that is becoming an impossibility with A around who loves the beach 😉 ). Times when I would be alone and not be bothered.

Hats off to people who do that! And please give me pointers to get there 🙂 I guess I have A till he grows up to have his own life. Time for me to prepare… a friend of mine mocked me saying I was thinking way too much about what is ahead 15 years later. Can’t get those thoughts or that friend out of my mind now!

7 thoughts on “Table for 1! Anyone?

  1. well i go for movies alone…i also go out for lunch alone at times (have gone out for lunch alone in india too). i think there is discomfort coz we think ppl. are looking at us..they are judging us..but honestly..people really do not care and if they do…well!! maybe they need a hobby!! I hope next time you get tickets to a play or something…and you got no buddy of urs to come will still go and have fun 🙂

  2. Rajitha: That is the point. It is not how others are looking at me or judging me, it is me. I don’t like going alone anywhere. There are times I fret a lot about what the other person’s opinion is about something I do; but in this, it is just purely me. I cannot be alone.

  3. I am already told I need a big time consult with a psychiatrist; that will be a sure-shot! I might as well hope to have real buddies with me than imaginary ones :)lol!

  4. Apar, I am Madhu and i got ur link from Laksh. I know going out alone is difficult for people who dont like it, trust me if you keep going out alone for sometime u get to like it so much. I know being alone makes u keep thinking about stuff you dont want to think about but gradually it changes. Next time you get a ticket for 2 like Rajitha says go and enjoy and let us know how u felt.

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