For a change :)

Well, I have written that I am a very open, honest person. For the past few days, I have been going through some tough times emotionally.

So, why the title with a smiley? Well, usually, when I go through tough times, and somebody asks me what is up or how are you? ; I end up pouring my heart out, feeling worse and even more down in the dumps. This time, I checked myself and told a few people who enquired that I am not in the mood for conversation. That is a first for me. I don’t tell all to all; but I do end up saying how things are bad. This time though, I refrained.

Has it done me any good? Not really, cos the reason why I feel lousy still remains; but then I realise that it would remain even otherwise. Would it have helped if I had poured it out to these people? Not really, cos once again there has been only one person who has made me feel light each time after sessions of cribbing.

So, in effect I just feel slightly better that I could atleast refrain from something even if it has not helped me much. I wish I could talk to the one person I need to talk to; but then circumstances are playing havoc! Story of my life really 🙂


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