This week

This week at PostSecret…many of the post cards relate to how I feel.

Check it out. One card in particular – the one about insecurities…I wonder if I drive people away from me because of my insecurities. I could be a tad πŸ˜‰ difficult especially when I go into my phase of self doubt. Just figuring out reasons. Wish I could get them all!!

The other cards that I can relate to…running away ( have nothing and want to run away πŸ™‚ ), belief in God, wishing I could use the sign and do something (but won’t…can’t…should not?!), the feeling not pretty one, learning to love oneself (think I had a huge step backward in that recently 😦 )

Thank you!

I have written about this earlier – How a person should actually walk in the other person’s shoes to realise what she is going through! Either that (which of course is pretty tough) or been through similar situations in life.

I am really lucky to have a few friends who are able to relate to what I am going through. V and A have been pillars of support to me. V having been through something similar to what I face is able to understand the emotional upheavals that I go through each day with each experience. A is right there for me. She can see what I could become, and is so routing for me to avoid that huge pitfall. I would never forget this. Ever!

Others who lend a sympathetic ear to my woes -Thank you! There are times you get it and those you don’t. Either ways, I really appreciate you all spending the time to listen to me; not judge me , push me on to get to that better space.

I really miss one person now. One( reasons unknown), who has decided not to communicate with me. He isΒ a friend I treasure, the person I feel most comfortable with, the person who made me realise what unburdening was. I just wish he reads this and knows I miss him a lot. I wish more than anything that he was back in my life.

Thank you! one and all πŸ™‚ This just seems so insufficient though.