SI Units :)

Gee..I had forgotten this even existed. Long time since I used this; and I was faced with giving a few with symbols as answers to a test I took up recently for the post of an editor!! Don’t ask me the connection….still.

Was glad I could answer some of them at least 😀 Not proud that I got one wrong, though I did know I was wrong when I wrote the answer. To those curious…it was Luminous intensity that I got stuck with.

Just thought how one should never forget what one has been learnt; be it long time back!!

On the subject of units….came across a new one : a unit of knowledge 🙂 As Google puts it : a Knol.

Knol is in its beta version. You could check out the following :

It is Google’s Wikipedia version I suppose. Just thought would share this one. Take a break from the usual monotony of what I usually write here. Hope this break lasts for ever and ever 😉

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