Be Strong!

The number of times I have heard this!! The concept that if I break down into tears, I am not strong is another thing. Don’t know where this concept arises from: If you cry, it is a sign of weakness. Don’t cry. You need to be a role model for your kid; so don’t show that you are sad.

Why do we have so many boundaries to the so called negative emotions? These days, people accept that it is wrong to bottle up anger, but tears – oh! please control yourself. Don’t make a scene etc..,

Where did the opinion of breaking down crying means an absolute break down come from – as in you don’t have the means to face situations thrown at you? These days, I don’t cry as much as I used to – say 6 months back. Though there are times, when I cannot hold back. It does not mean that I am weak or that I cannot face anything. Infact, once done, I still face the life that has been thrown at me.

One asked me, well, did the crying help you solve the situation? No, it did not; but there was some relief in stress once I was done. It was out and over with; and I was ready to look at the situation with a fresh set of tears forming probably 😉 and cleansed eyes.

So, when some one cries….don’t tell them not to…instead lend your shoulder, put an arm around them to show that you understand. That someone is not weak, she (he) just needs that reassurance.

Just a note to end, to those who think I am not strong…may be in your world I am not. To me, I am. I still have hope in my life to live and succeed (the way the world perceives success) – that in itself shows that I am strong!

3 thoughts on “Be Strong!

  1. Of-course you are strong!!..people have weird definitions…crying is just an expression of an emotion and people who can express their emotions without fear and hesitation are strong. And about not crying in front of your kid…i think expressing emotions in front of children is fine..yeah..can’t be a sob story…but again you can’t rave and rant like a maniac in front of them. But, for them to see varied emotions in small doses IMHO is a good thing. I have seen my mom cry…even my dad upset…i never associated it as a negative thing..i felt empathy actually.

  2. Rajitha: True…people do have weird definitions. Don’t know if crying is a sign of weakness or not now…but sure do wish I had things to just keep smiling or be happy about all the time 😀

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