You should move on…

OK! This is another statement I often hear. Just a reply…I am moving on 🙂 trying my hardest in some areas like job (career?!?) .

Anyways, this post is really the result of a conversation I had with a friend yesterday. I was just asking her about friends I had made (Desis who work with P) It so happens a couple just had a baby. I was enquiring about them and was saying I would mail them a congrats, asking the name of the kid. My friend was like ” you know what? You should really move on!” in response to my queries.

I could not really get where that came from! I mean…does one stop being a friend because you are getting divorced?  I just ended up saying I would mail the couple my best wishes and if they choose not to respond…well, it is their choice!

Was wondering if moving on meant just giving up friends you made through your ex? One thing though, I should say that I am still in touch with his collegemates even now. They are really wonderful people.

In my opinion, if your partner is the one who dictates whether someone is your friend or not, I might as well not have them in that list. If they are not friends for me…who wants them anyway?