How are you?

This is a question that all of us tend to ask. It is automatic : “Hi! How are you?” Do we really want the honest answer? When faced with this question off-late…I ignore it. Infact today, a friend of mine noticed it and asked again…how is life? I responded to him saying I was trying to ignore that question. Thankfully he just said fine I won’t delve further.

Why does this question irk me so much? Instead of an automatic response of “Yeah, I am fine how are you?”, I am like…omg! how can I lie saying things are fine when they are far from it? The other person does not want any details of my sordid life! At least not everyone truly does. At the same time, I feel like I am not right in saying things are ok!

Stupid dilemma! I know…but I still go through this also 🙂 And I have the cutest kid who comes draws my mouth up into a smile saying “Be happy….not angry/not sad!!!” Could not help but actually laugh at that 🙂 Thanks A for being in my life and hope you have all the happiness that you are spreading around all your life.


6 thoughts on “How are you?

  1. how sweet is that of your son :) in the US it is soo automatic..when someone asks ‘how r u doing’…i just automatically reply ‘good!’..without giving it a thought….

  2. Rajitha: There are days when I do say a “good” and then there are days when I feel like I am so fake when I do that!! 🙂
    Mitr: Yup! It has become a routine thing, don’t think we expect an honest answer or even an answer…probably think just a “hi” is too short a greeting?!
    Laksh: I am yet to do that to random people, but people I know have got it from why do you have to ask me that question knowing how my life is to the actual answer! 😀

  3. Your post hit home with me. What I usually do when asked that question is pause for a moment (which is unexpected, since they’re waiting for the automatic response) and then usually say, slowly “Overall, things are well, and I appreciate your interest.” You should see the looks I get. That “How are you” has become just like “Hello” in social situations; but it’s not the same, it it?

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