Two words; Many thoughts

Museditions had this meme. I am not even sure of what I think of tags…but in the journey of self discovery I take this up 🙂 And as done in the tag by muse, I have left the blank meme for all those who care to fill it up 😀

Just thought it missed one set… I thank: each and every one who has been there for me, endured all my moods and have not been judgmental!

I am: right now at a place where I am looking to understand what I am
I think: about everything and anything usually pessimistically (Been told to be positive and am trying)
I know: the even in the pathetic phase, I am luckier than many others.
I have: to keep my mind occupied constantly.
I wish: life were happier for me and all those around 😀
I hate: my life at this point. I hate to bother all with my trials in life now! especially my friends who can do nothing but just be there for me.
I miss: A who knows I miss him
I fear: that I would spoil my son A’s life in some way!
I hear: silence all over making me think more of my loneliness!
I smell: lavender essence ( touch wood museditions 🙂 ) – my air freshener
I crave: for company
I search: for peace of mind (hopefully, it is not like the phrase that follows museditions I search! )
I wonder: what life has in store for us
I regret: giving up on my dreams for a person who left me and his son!!
I love: my son (duh! :D)
I ache: for my mother and wish she gets better
I am not: one who gives up easily on any relationship easily.
I believe: life is not fair
I dance: pretty well? 😉 and whenever I feel like or listen to music (at least my feet go tapping if it is inappropriate to actually dance)
I sing
: anytime and every time though my brother always used to respond by singing an age old movie song (Paadathe un paata ketu puli kooda bayapudum.. meaning Don’t sing, even a tiger would get scared listening to your song!)
I cry: way too much off late
I fight: for anything I believe is right
I win: never?
I lose: my temper way too often
I never: win? (that was way too easy!!) well…. betray any one who trusts me or befriends me
I always: keep my promises
I confuse: myself most of the time!
I listen: to any one who cares enough to want to converse with me 😀
I can usually be found: very easily 😉
I am scared: that there is worse to come for me and A
I need: to know the larger scheme in life ( Had a conversation about this with Raaga the other day :D)
I am happy about: having my parents, A and friends who truly wish well
I imagine: a happy life for one and all?!
I tag: whoever wants to take this up. I did it to put down how I thought now. Might take a look again later to see if things have changed?! Though, I would definitely like to know others’ thoughts 😀

Just cut and paste this list: (let me know if you are doing it so I can stop by and read it. ) )

I am:
I think:
I know:
I have:
I wish:
I hate:
I miss:
I fear:
I hear:
I smell:
I crave:
I search:
I wonder:
I regret:
I love:
I ache:
I am not:
I believe:
I dance:
I sing:
I cry:
I fight:
I win:
I lose:
I never:
I always:
I confuse:
I listen:
I can usually be found:
I am scared:
I need:
I am happy about:
I imagine:
I tag: