Happy Day for you?!

Naan had left a comment on one of my entries that made me check her blog out and came across this entry of hers : Happy Day for you

I was wondering what happened on June 20th. And guess what, I went to check if I had written anything that day! And yes I had! This was it. Not really a happy day, don’t ya think?

So, was it a happy day for you? May be I was just a kink on the stats 😉 Think back and find out if it was a happy day for you!


First time in years!

This is the first time in my 30 odd years (yeah am gonna be 32 this year 🙂 ) that I did not do the “nombu” for “garuda panchami” – a telugu equivalent of say Raksha bandan. I did feel a tinge of guilt but not as much as I thought I would. Having been brought up with the thought that being the only sister that my brother and cousins have, it was something I liked to do. Thought it was significant to pray for their well being. Do the puja the right way (of course eat all the food that goes with it…this time none of the food either cos we get food from a caterer!)

My mother did the puja. I did not even get up from bed! My steps towards atheism?! or is it because I feel that these pujas actually have no significance? Am I writing this out of the tinge of guilt I wrote about or just as a log of what happened? I am rambling here! Even when I was in the US, I did every puja…so much so some people actually said I was a pukka maami or way too traditional and the likes.

A step towards change in life? for better or worse? Again I don’t know! I wish I could just let go of so many other things (or people/memories!) Sorry…rambling again!

Long long ago…

Laksh tagged me on this. I had to think long and hard. I just don’t remember too many things in my childhood…just that I was pretty much pampered being the only girl in the family; got anything and everything I asked and did not ask for. Well, may be that is why life is soo much harder now?!?

Anyways, I digress… So, my earliest memory. Well, like Laksh’s memory; this also involves blood 🙂

My school was a 10 minute slow walk from home. When my dad came home early, he used to pick me up from school on his cycle. This was one such day when I was in KG (must have been 4 odd years old). He made me sit on the carrier. Told me not to say a word till we got home, not a sound he had said ( well, I am known to be garrulous 😉 ). He rode the bicycle and one of the guys on the road yelled out to him  saying….”sir, ratham (blood)”. My dad did not even realise the guy was yelling at him! Don’t know how, but he stopped. Thing was I had let my foot in the wheel and my foot was bleeding. My dad has never been a guy for crises 😀 He was so upset. He rushed me home…which was close by then. He panicked and was like why did you not even cry?! Anyways, I never used to cry much for pain then (again…guess I am making for all of it now 🙂 )My mother, the calm one always, bathed the wound; asked my dad to pick me up and take me to the doctor where I had stitches. I remember being carried to school, in school (by our watchman, Munusamy – a person who was loved by one and all) and back home after that for days until the wound healed. More pampering of course 😀

Well that is my earliest memory. Who do I tag?? Hmm….not so good at that 🙂 Well, anyone who wants to take it up. It was fun to think how far back I actually could think. It would be great to hear the long long ago, well not so long ago 😉 stories 😀

By the way…I asked amma if she could help refresh my memory (I know..cheating!! 🙂 lol!)  Her response (no surprises there! ) was “Laksh asked you what your earliest memory was not mine…and mine goes back to when you were a baby!!”