First time in years!

This is the first time in my 30 odd years (yeah am gonna be 32 this year 🙂 ) that I did not do the “nombu” for “garuda panchami” – a telugu equivalent of say Raksha bandan. I did feel a tinge of guilt but not as much as I thought I would. Having been brought up with the thought that being the only sister that my brother and cousins have, it was something I liked to do. Thought it was significant to pray for their well being. Do the puja the right way (of course eat all the food that goes with it…this time none of the food either cos we get food from a caterer!)

My mother did the puja. I did not even get up from bed! My steps towards atheism?! or is it because I feel that these pujas actually have no significance? Am I writing this out of the tinge of guilt I wrote about or just as a log of what happened? I am rambling here! Even when I was in the US, I did every puja…so much so some people actually said I was a pukka maami or way too traditional and the likes.

A step towards change in life? for better or worse? Again I don’t know! I wish I could just let go of so many other things (or people/memories!) Sorry…rambling again!

2 thoughts on “First time in years!

  1. We celebrate raksha Bandhan by both the kids the brother and the sister promising to stand by each other, and then they exchange gifts. (sister also ties the rakhi on brother’s wrist). Oh yes, my daughter mock-resents the fact that she has to give a gift to her brother when all her friends only receive gifts, but she agrees to the principle behind it..I think festivals need to change with times, I am not an atheist but I feel if we follow tradition blindly we are insulting both our intelligence and our if both get equal equal right to everything else they BOTH take care of each other 🙂
    Nice blog!

  2. Indiahomemaker: I do understand the significance and culture and all that. Just that this time around, I had no conviction in doing anything! That is all. I wish the best for my brother and my cousin brothers 🙂 Am sure they wish the best for me…at least I hope so 😉

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