It is special… (as in pertaining to species :) )

 I was watching this rerun of Inside the Actor’s Studio featuring Jodie Foster. I was struck by one thing she said when talking about Flightplan. (Not one of the movies I liked…still)

It is where she talks about how a man and a woman react to a crisis. How a man questions somebody else’s sanity; not his and a woman questions hers. He blames outward and woman blames in. It’s special!

Don’t know how far it is true…but in my experience off late, it has been. I have even wished I could blame some one else!

Just a thought, so ended up penning it here!

6 thoughts on “It is special… (as in pertaining to species :) )

  1. I believe that it is better to be introspective than to find a scapegoat to blame…. as long as one doesn’t blame themselves too 🙂 (To be totally honest, it sounds like I think like a man! Beleve me – it doesn’t make managing the crisis any easier… )

  2. Spillay: 🙂 There are times I blame someone -apart from myself that is 😉 true…blaming whoever does not really help manage the crises we face! At least we face them, than crumbling under…like a few I know. I am afraid that I am heading that way sometimes! Trying hard to hold together talking myself out of it 😀

  3. somehow it seems to me that I think like a man in this regard- in my previous life(!)- before tragedies struck one after another, I used to think like a woman- whats worng with me, why did this happen etc…. but A.T. (After tragedies) my entire outlook and attitude have changed and seem to match a man’s closer than a womans….. this is why Apar I seem to have very few close female friends! If there is something wrond, nowadays I tend to immediately see if it is someone’s fault- including my own, but not solely my own… is it due to things that are out of my control, is it changeable etc… whats the least I can gain from this….. how can i recover from this…..- not dwelling on what is wrong with me or what I did- helps me survive initial periods of shock…. later on there’s always time to ruminate and dissect every possibility…..

  4. Hey! Thanks for visiting MirrorCracked earlier and commenting! 😀
    It’s interesting what you say here, because I think it’s true, at least from a man’s perspective. We men end up blaming someone else in a crisis and think that none of what’s happening can be remotely our fault! 😀

  5. Hmm..interesting thought here, its so easy to think that it was someone else’s fault or worse yet shift the blame on to that person.

  6. B: As I said, I am ambivalent sometimes. To blame or not to blame?
    Nikhil: I enjoy your blog 🙂 Yeah, may be men should be a little more introspective too…I forgot to add that on my latest comment on your latest entry 🙂
    Mitr: It is always easy to blame, but question is who is to decide whether the blaming is right?! Besides it does not really solve anything in the crises unfortunately 😦

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