The other day, I was hit by a huge bout of depression (nothing new actually!) It was around 10 pm – 10.30 pm IST. What hit me was, I had absolutely no one to talk to at that time! All my friends were busy or would be in bed and I did not want to disturb them. More than that, I did not think I could invade their world at that time.

A had gone to sleep by the time (again a surprise as he usually keeps awake real late! despite my chiding him to go to bed…so should have actually felt relieved that he slept!). Cannot disturb my old parents, don’t think my mother would have minded though. Again cannot put her into pain by sharing my agony as it seems to affect her health.

So, this distinct stab of loneliness hit me. Then the spiralling down happened. I was like if it feels like this now, how would it be down the years?! Boy! am I screwed in a huge mess in life! This is sheer hell for a person like me who cannot never stand to be alone! Don’t know how I would learn. I have written about this in an earlier post…Table for one. I guess each and every stab will help me learn the lesson of living alone. Don’t know. Am I to change my personality to learn this?! One thing I am trying is to not log on, this is the major source of contact between me and my friends.

Thanks to the few who actually cared to ask me if everything was alright 🙂

Bad cold!

Wonder if there is something called a good cold?  Obviously this post is because everyone at home is suffering from various stages of a cold. Mine comes along with a great sinus head ache!!

So, when some is like how are you? We end up saying “Oh suffering from a bad cold!” Is there anything called a good cold then? My dad is of the philosophy no medicines; cold will last 7 days, with meds a week. So, he is not taking any. My mom is taking her meds. A well, he has no choice right? So, am restraining him from taking cold stuff, taking his cold meds. He is being a good boy (as he calls himself 🙂 ) and is taking them saying I will be alright soon :). Me….well as usual, on the fence, I take something then, am like no point…let me just sleep it off!

Definitely all colds are bad! Am not on the fence on that one at least 😉