Bad cold!

Wonder if there is something called a good cold?  Obviously this post is because everyone at home is suffering from various stages of a cold. Mine comes along with a great sinus head ache!!

So, when some is like how are you? We end up saying “Oh suffering from a bad cold!” Is there anything called a good cold then? My dad is of the philosophy no medicines; cold will last 7 days, with meds a week. So, he is not taking any. My mom is taking her meds. A well, he has no choice right? So, am restraining him from taking cold stuff, taking his cold meds. He is being a good boy (as he calls himself 🙂 ) and is taking them saying I will be alright soon :). Me….well as usual, on the fence, I take something then, am like no point…let me just sleep it off!

Definitely all colds are bad! Am not on the fence on that one at least 😉

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