I read somewhere today that “If your past is still alive, then it’s not past”. I think it was one of those Minekey opinions on facebook?! Well, I would so agree to it as I relate very much at this juncture in my life.

I am being told to move on. Well, I certainly would love to, if P would actually file for the divorce he said he was going to since December last! Don’t know what his problem is; just that it is making things worse for me and a few around me. Wishing it actually becomes my past 🙂

Anyways, on a different note…we had a family aquaintance visit us. He has gone into numerology. Guess what? He was like “Oh your name is wrong!” So, bingo!! found the reason to all my miseries. Not just my name, A’s too!! I was fuming….and he goes, ” Don’t need to change your name, just the spelling, but A’s name is totally wrong!”. That was like adding fuel to fire. I was keeping my mouth shut. To my chagrin, the guy says “Why are you quiet? I am telling all this for your good!”

I have a good friend of mine who said…” they are not horoscopes but horrorscopes“. Well, I have written how sometimes I do believe in astrology; but this numerology thing -crap! Sorry, cannot find a different word in my limited vocabulary!

When the guy went on and on, I finally said that I am neither changing my name nor A’s. I have enough and more legalities and troubles to deal with. I certainly don’t want the added name change formalities! He still ended up saying I was rude!!! Wonder what he would have said if I had shared what I exactly thought about what he was proposing!!??