I read somewhere about relation between opinions and a bodypart. 🙂

Then I was told this by a friend of mine today “Opinions are not enough for you now: they must be backed by authority or evidence, and above all they must have practical worth and application.” I found myself nodding when she said that!

Been bogged down by too many opinions- Time will heal. Good times are around the corner (which one? or am I walking around in circles in which case there should be millions of corners right? if a circle is made of infinite straight lines?! was always pretty mediocre at math) You will land a job soon. The job market is bad, people are getting laid off. ( Don’t know why I have to hear this…to keep me grounded and to know that I probably might never get a job?!). You are old. You are not so old, age is in your mind. Live for A. Live for yourself. Learn to live alone. You deserve better. …the list goes on…

If all could give the latter that my friend was talking about, guess the first definition can be erased?!

I don’t know why I wrote this entry. Just felt like penning this down!