Well, I have written about those who have stood by me through all these tough times. I am writing this post to primarily apologise and to thank those friends who are caught between P and me. I am sorry to place you in such a fix.

It is a pity to be caught between two warring(?) factions with loyalty to both. I would hate to be in such a position and hence, admire those who are right there, holding up for both of us. I know you are wishing the best for all, especially A. Thank you!

Hope things get resolved soon and they are not so difficult as they are now. 🙂 The hope showing again?!

What job?

I know am too old to actually think of what I must actually  ask this question. Anyways, like everything else in my life, this also happens to be one of the many unanswered questions!

These days am asked to take up some job…the concept being something better than nothing! Of course there are those who tell me, do not give up. Wait for the right job. Take up whatever appeals to you!

Do I take up a job and get stuck in a rut? Or wait and take up something that would appeal to me? Questions like what if the latter does not happen? Would I not be better taking up the former option cos I at least get paid?!

Confused is my middle name…I think it better become my first name even 🙂 Should check with the numerologist if this name is lucky 😉