I was thinking of making a weekend getaway…esp from my life here in Chennai, to get away from thoughts I thought would hog my mind. How stupid can I get right? How can I run away from my thoughts just by going to another city? Anyways, I did. A and I went to Bangalore. Stayed at K’s place. Met couple of my friends who visited. The highlights of the trip on addition to A enjoying the train/bus rides back and forth (went by train & back by sleeper bus)
When it was nearing time to leave, I just felt the worst. The thoughts never left me. The call I want never came.(still has not 😦 ) The event I wanted to take A to very badly, we did not go!
Back to my life here in Chennai, still carrying the thoughts I left with; an additional desperation added (as if I did not have enough! 🙂 ).
Wish I knew where my life was going!!! Wish I got the small things I want in life (not eternal happiness and the likes…just a phone call to get back in touch, a nice job, a place to call home…)!! To write a really happy blog entry again and soon (want something like the last 😀 entry – hint to the person who triggered it 😉 ).

I sometimes feel like I am saying it all here. Sometimes feel I am being so cryptic, even I wonder what I am writing about ! That is how confused I am!