What would you call patriotism? I came across this person who goes “I am really patriotic!” then in the same breath would go, “I know you get play-doh here; but that which you get from the US is way better.” or “Clothes sent to to me from abroad fit better than those here. I prefer getting those.” “Let me know if someone is coming from anywhere, get this for me or that.” “The sun glasses even the branded ones are better from there”…well you get the picture.
I stopped telling the person that things are fine as they are here. Ended up not reacting to anything. Then why this post today?! The person ended up telling that I was from a civilized country (ref is that I was in the US for a while!) I am ticked off really. No.1 Does it imply that India is not civilized? No.2 I hate being referred to as the person who came back from the US!! I spent time there cos at that point, my life was there. Period.
At this point, I should also mention an anecdote. This is from a school principal I had to meet. Their school had some exchange programme with kids from the UK visiting around Independence day. They were given those pin up flags. Seems the kids took another flag, turned it over; drew the Union Jack and pinned the flags on either side! Now that is impressive!
Why do people go about saying they are patriotic while all the time their mind is about going elsewhere or getting things from elsewhere? May be I am being a prude or whatever; I don’t condemn foreign goods neither do I derogate Indian ones. We are not in the era where we burn anything foreign and wear only home-spun khadi; albeit why this adoration to all things foreign?!
If life takes me elsewhere, I will go. I would be Indian wherever I go though! I will be a global citizen if and when we can travel wherever with no visas 🙂 (so, I can say that it will never happen! :))
Ok…my rant is over. Don’t know if I made sense like many of my other rants; nor really conveyed what was in my mind; but I just had to pen this down!