Right again!!

My horoscope for the day reads..

For a period that lasts usually about two days either side of exact time 18:19 your moodiness, irritability and bad temper could cause arguments during this time. You may find yourself losing your temper with a loved one for no reason at all – and they could be quite hurt and confused by the way you behave. Hidden tensions are now likely to surface…

I just read this. In fact I logged on and went blog hopping to take my mind of the flare up I just had with a really good friend of mine. I check my mail…and the horoscope of the day reads thus!! I just lost my head and sorry to have hurt this friend. Though, I would not accept it was for no reason at all. What I reacted on is something that is touchy for me. I know that she means well.

Just feeling now that I can run but not hide!