Aparna is the best :)

Been tagged by Aparna Gonibeed.

The rules of the tag

  1. There are no rules.
  2. Tag 6 people to do this Q&A and leave a comment on their blogs saying, “Aparna is the best!”

I have done the latter half of the second rule by using it as a title. Happy Aparna? 🙂

What do you do when..

– You see a man (or woman) making a pass (trying to woo / flirt / impress) on a woman (or man) you like?

Don’t know really. Depends on whether the guy responds to the pass 😉

– Some one you like, is not attracted to you?

What can one do in this situation? Check some one else out? 🙂 Again don’t know.

– You are attracted to some one, but both of you are in two different cities?

Been there! Done that! Distance in relationship sucks big time. Run up huge phone bills; more sometimes on just arguments! Waiting to meet up. Horrible!

– You are reading a book, and your best friend wants to borrow it and can’t wait for you to finish reading, ‘coz he/she has been looking for it for all their life?

I think it generally happens the other way round usually :D. If it did happen this way, will probably buy my friend a copy; or just finish my book real soon.

– You help plan his / her career, and then, they go on to achieve it, leaving you behind, alone..

Will be happy that person made it.

– Insert (and add) a new question(s) / statement(s)..

Aparna Gonibeed, Answer the questions! 😀

Hmm., To pass on the tag. That is tough. Well, whoever wishes to take this one up! Please link it back, so we all can read the answers 🙂

2 thoughts on “Aparna is the best :)

  1. Hey .. Nice blog … Plan to visit it often 🙂

    Welcome here! and thanks! 🙂

  2. See, my intention was to show you the origin of a tag, and by that, reconfirm that whoever starts a tag, does not answer it! Not that I have any great answers, most are lame ass, if you ask me! 😀

    Check some one else out! That’s a good suggestion to all readers, and A… 😀

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