Whoa! Another tag!!

Ramya has tagged me here

Here are the rules for “7 Facts about me”—

(a) List these rules on your blog.

(b) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.

(c) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

a) Done 😉

b) 7 facts about me!!! OMG! I don’t know! Lemme try

1. I am what people can say is a perfect Libra. Take ages to decide; but once done, I stick to it.
2. I am friendly. Once I am some one’s friend, I hate losing that friendship for any reason, so I will go the extra mile to make up if there is a tiff 🙂
3. I believe in love and in waiting for the person who loves you (of course and you love;) ).
4. I dread to think of a life all alone (have written quite a few entries on this one!)
5. I am a person with a temper, but I never carry grudges. Flare up and forget. I know I should mellow down, have done that a bit but a long way to go I suppose.
6. I will speak out and take a stand by anything that is right.
7.  Phew!! Finally…I am glad I am done and don’t need to think further? 😉

c) Whoever thinks they wanna do this tag is welcome to pick it up. I will tell you that it took a lot out of me to get these 7 (ok…6 last one I kinda cheated! ) points; and to think it is about me. Well, been ages since I had to do things like SWOT analysis and stuff. I can probably say that there are very few people who really know me and can list these “facts” about me better. My mom, B, Laksh, Y, A, Nana, K are a few that come to my mind 🙂


6 thoughts on “Whoa! Another tag!!

  1. Hey, hey – Love this tag. This tag when I do it will earn me more brownie points for being honest!

    lol! you already got an award for being an honest blogger 😀 from 2 people!!! more brownie points? Well, why not do both?!

  2. Wow. You did it! Took me ages to fill those 7 slots..I guess I should have left it to people who know me better.


    Thanks Ramya!:) I still feel someone who knows me better would have written more precisely 🙂

  3. Hehehe… I don’t use Alphabets to name people on my blog for this very precise reason… I’d like to thank A, B, C, D, E and G for their generosity… 😀
    Good post! 🙂

    I really wish I could name each and every person in the list…but.. May be someday 🙂 Though each of them knows who has been listed 😉

  4. Good to know some more about you 🙂 I really dont like tags which make me do “SWOT analysis”

    Don’t know about how I feel about SWOT tags…sometimes I like them; sometimes don’t (Libra I hear my friend say :D) One thing though…down the lane, maybe when I look back at the tags; I might know if things have changed; or I have?!

  5. Hi There,
    Can you please explaing the concept of tagging to me in a lucid way.found it interesting and a genuine of sharing bloglove:-)

    Welcome Ankit! For someone who writes about finances & money(am zero at that 😉 ), tags should be nothing at all 🙂 Simple really – A blogger does what is required by the tag according to the rules of it and lists other bloggers to do the same where in, those people are said to be tagged. Much like a game of running and catching 🙂 When you are tagged, you are said to be caught; you become the “catcher”. Consider yourself tagged to any of those that I have done and you take a fancy to. And yes, tags are a fun way of sharing blog love as you call it 🙂 and to kinda self analyse as most tags are like that. And yes, you do end up publishing more information about yourself on your blogs too 😀 Hope the concept has been told right?!

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