Today was a bad day considering there was no power at home from 9.30 am till almost 4.30 in the evening!!

Which meant, no TV, no internet! With my son A in not really the pink of health; he falling sick ever so often off-late and the weather Gods also not being so favorable today – going out was also not an option! 😦

So what did we do? We played with his train set, then his building blocks; ended up finishing his homework (4 sheets! 🙂 lol) …then slept!! Thanks to the inverter; we had lights & fan (no TV cos my cable provider had his power cut too!)

Just made me think of the good old days when power cuts happened, no inverters; forced candle-lit dinners, family time or just sitting outside under the stars chatting away with neighbours catching up on gossip. Care-free times? Atleast for me it was 🙂

It also reminded me of the time I had when the NY blackout happened. That made me reminisce of what I just wrote. All neighbours came out, we were talking (no gossips…just talking infact, got introduced for the first time in years!!) I was amazed at how some did not know you could light your gas stove with a match stick!!!! I found out there was a gas station close to my place there which used a good old pump with no electricity. I also found out I was the only one in the area who had a phone hooked up not using electricity! So, quite a few came home to make calls 🙂 Interesting day it was.

Well, may be some day, today might turn interesting. Having spent “quality” time with A 😀 Though, I think right now, right here; A and I would have liked to do something else (may be not A 😉 guess he did enjoy the playtime)