The Online Effect

I was browsing around reading random articles and came across this one on Anonymity online.

I don’t somehow relate to this at all myself. Personally, I am a person who is nicer to strangers; does not matter if they are those I know in the world wide web or some one I meet in person. Call me stupid, but I also take people for their words as such. I have been told by many of my friends that I must not be so naive. Either that the case or people I have come across in blogosphere have been exceptionally nice to me. I consider that they are really that. They have expressed their opinions, their advice and even their criticisms. That is honest enough for me. So, are we all the exceptions to this split personality that supposedly crops up online or in any anonymous situation?

Just wondering! Or probably as I have already written, I am being naive; or just way too trusting. Guess I am lucky that I have not come across such characters and I sure am not one 🙂

Thanks to all I know and don’t (those who guard their identity too 😉 ) for being nice and not nasty 😀

One thing though, I do have the “online disinhibition effect”. I seem to tell more about myself here than anywhere else!! especially in response to the tags I take up or in my comments and of course all my entries. 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Online Effect

  1. Thanks to you too for being so open 🙂 It has been good to know you!

    thanks Reema! Good knowing you too! Am a fan of yours honestly…doing your second masters, teaching and excellent posts on your blog, good comments on others 🙂

  2. i have that effect too. i have no problems sounding friendly and semi-intelligent online, but in person i’m painfully shy and socially awkward. i think people are generally as nice as they appear to be online, unless they’re asking something from you, haha! but do not be deceived by niceness – we all have our good and bad sides. i recently fallen out with two online friends because of some things we disagreed on. classmates who were so friendly with me are now too busy leading their lives to keep in touch with me… not saying that people are not nice, just that they’re not entirely nice just because we see that side of them only, you know? 🙂

    Semi-intelligent? I consider you pretty intelligent. I do understand the “friends too busy with leading their lives thingie” and that people are not entirely nice. Just that online, I did not find the said people on the article 🙂

  3. I am a split-personality-dude! Muhahahaha! 😀
    I am actually the Devil, posing as Nikhil! Hehehehe!!! 👿

    Oh yeah Nikhil!…I know you are the Devil!! 🙂 lol!! Now everyone else does too 😉

  4. I once had a verrrrrry bad experience with an online friend.and ever since that, i have been very careful.

    But the recent friends I have got here through blogs are genuine and I am pretty much enjoying myself being a part of this.

    Have had bad experiences in real life. At least here, I can block those who trouble me 😉 if I come across such a one. Thankfully as you said, I have had a good experience here.

  5. If you are careful not to divulge a lot of information about yourself, if you are selective then you should be good. When it comes to online you have to set your own guidelines about what to say, what not to, what to reveal, what not to as it is exposed to the whole world. I try to be that way.

    Well, Dinesh. I have not divulged my address; but I pretty much bare out my soul here now and then. This blog has been my vent for all my rants…I am really stupid when it comes to trusting. Lots of lessons to learn. 🙂

  6. I was nodding my head to every word …. I am like that too! But since I have been in the online industry I know how scary it can get too, so am extra careful with the online profiles esp the networking sites. but where blogs are concerned, I fail to see why anybody would want to be pretentious unless they are like that in person too.

    I am pretty careful in the networking sites which I frequent; don’t really accept a request from people I don’t know. So, I guess I am safe. On blogs, I moderate the comments; but there are quite a few trolls around supposedly

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