Congrats!! :)

That goes to my best friend from school. Trust me when I say she has endured me for a looong looong time πŸ˜‰ She had a baby girl on 19th Sep. ( She missed having a libra and enduring one more in her life apart from her sis and me πŸ˜‰ ) I am so happy she had a girl. I am waiting for A and I to get rid of the cold we have before we go see the little angel πŸ™‚

Now that said and done; I was appauled by something that Y told me when we spoke after her delivery. She delivered in a premier hospital here. Her parents distributed sweets after hearing the news. Seems the nurses, mothers-to-be, their relatives said this ” Why are you distributing sweets for the news that your daughter had a girl?!?” Thank God, the docs did not say that! It would have beenΒ  more shocking.

Why? Why in this day and age this still exists? When I told my mother this…she said her parents never felt bad about not having a boy (my mom and aunt the only kids they had). More than that, my great-grandma was happy having 2 grand daughters off her first son. Guess that is the lineage I come from, so much so I was a tad disappointed that I had a boy (don’t take me wrong…I love A. He is the light of my life….still). I so wanted a girl.

I am not going to be optimistic and say things will change. There will always be people who say they want boys and only boys. All has been said and done about how wrong this is. It still does not stop me from being outraged when I hear such things that too from supposedly educated people (that too nurses?!?! Give me a break!) Though I have heard the comments the nurses have told women in labour which shocked me even more!! If these nurses are like this…why take up nursing? worse why in L&D?? I am thankful that my experience with giving birth was something wonderful. The nurses were excellent. They seemed to love their jobs and they acted as if each and every baby was theirs!! Hope this clan grows and every where in the world.

Wow…I just read my previous paragraph…I started saying I am not going to say things will change and ended up hoping!! Well, that is me!