Bad salespersonship!?

My dad, A and I went out shopping today; majorly to get school supplies for A. Remembering tomorrow is Saraswathi puja; we decided to get some flowers for the same. Stopping by a flower lady; enquired the rates for a string of yellow flowers (“samandi poo”) Found it to be a bit exorbitant (well, guess the lady wants to make hay…) Asked her what the loose flowers would go for…she had a pile nearby. She was curt and said she does not sell those. Got a couple of measures of the string of flowers. Dad then looks at the sting of jasmine and started to ask for the rates. I told him; that they had already bloomed. The sales lady pounced on me; saying well, nature of flowers is to bloom…blah blah. I was pissed off. Told her, I spoke to my dad and that was nothing to do with her. She retorts I was talking about her flowers. I asked her would those flowers not be worth it the next morning. She replied yes…and then I was like then what is your problem. She yelled back at me saying I was rude, and that I lost my temper!! She made such a scene that people around started looking at us!

oh boy! Am never going back to that lady for flowers!! Thing is we had to walk out of the place with her screaming we were showing attitude cos we had money!! Don’t really know where all this comes from…we had not even complained or said a word to her about her exorbitant rates! Well may be we were the bad customers!! 🙂