Bad salespersonship!?

My dad, A and I went out shopping today; majorly to get school supplies for A. Remembering tomorrow is Saraswathi puja; we decided to get some flowers for the same. Stopping by a flower lady; enquired the rates for a string of yellow flowers (“samandi poo”) Found it to be a bit exorbitant (well, guess the lady wants to make hay…) Asked her what the loose flowers would go for…she had a pile nearby. She was curt and said she does not sell those. Got a couple of measures of the string of flowers. Dad then looks at the sting of jasmine and started to ask for the rates. I told him; that they had already bloomed. The sales lady pounced on me; saying well, nature of flowers is to bloom…blah blah. I was pissed off. Told her, I spoke to my dad and that was nothing to do with her. She retorts I was talking about her flowers. I asked her would those flowers not be worth it the next morning. She replied yes…and then I was like then what is your problem. She yelled back at me saying I was rude, and that I lost my temper!! She made such a scene that people around started looking at us!

oh boy! Am never going back to that lady for flowers!! Thing is we had to walk out of the place with her screaming we were showing attitude cos we had money!! Don’t really know where all this comes from…we had not even complained or said a word to her about her exorbitant rates! Well may be we were the bad customers!! πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Bad salespersonship!?

  1. They sure make it a tough bargain. If we are not careful about getting the right price we might be taken for a ride. Happens a lot in Madurai too I think.

    My dad hates bargaining with flower sales people saying…the goods they have are perishable and don’t stay even a day on a hot one…so, let us pay what they demand. Kinda got into me too – that funda. In Madurai though, they sell the flowers in counts right ? (100, 200….) Here in Chennai it is “mozham” – an arm’s length but they can cheat even in that they way they hold the string πŸ˜€ One more confession, I can never bargain – to me reducing a 100 INR item by a rupee is an achievement while my friend would probably get it at half the price πŸ˜‰

  2. I agree with you – with an attitude like that, she’s not a very good businesswoman. I’m guessing that people wanting to buy flowers who were standing nearby at that time, would probably have not gone to her after seeing her act that way to your family. So, she’s not only lost you as a customer, but most likely she’s lost a few others too…

    (Funny. I would have thought that people who spend so much time with flowers would be more happy in character.. Hmm…. )

    I never thought about the spending time with flowers and moods…yeah…they should be pleasant right? Yeah a couple of women nearby just walked past to another vendor.

  3. there’ll be people who take offense at things that shouldn’t be taken so and make you look like the bad person. experienced this in real life and on the blog itself too. just don’t give them attention ‘cos they’ll make a bigger fuss later!

    Thank God…my blog experience has been good so far πŸ˜€ touchwood….Yeah she did make me look bad and feel like I did something wrong!

    Chennai ??
    i got your name
    Aparna ??
    HIYEEE Aparna !
    owee ! you blog every dayeee ?
    Wow !
    wow wow wow… WAAAAWOO !!
    you have so much to say… and i keep scartching my yeddu what to sayee, i wrote about it in my environment series.
    what ever i say is not good Aparna. Pretty annoying my blog is, and my friends accuse me of being very hurtful.
    You know what ?? i have seen my friends, lady friends who don’t sit quiet, Keep sending messages right left and centre, they are talking to you and their thumbs are bijjy on the key pad of their mobiles and some of dem don’t even look at the keypad and it takes half an hour for me to key in just THANK YOU i am so old Aparna

    At 60 i am still an errand boy for many. Half a century ago, and you say HA !
    you what ? you are so old ?
    What are you doing here ?
    So, lots and lots of years ago even before your dad was born, some stupid coujin of mine, have too many of dem, asked me to get her some flowers. Yes blackmail extortion involved both sides. so i go to Triplicane on my cycle, oh no, i never had my own den, on some one else’s cycle, i go to this line of women on the pavement selling flowers.
    I am not good at the names of flowers or the colours
    how much is these for a MOZHM ? or Molam, they measure it by hand, from fingers to the elbow, its a foot actually. 12 inches
    She says some money one rupee for tem molams something idon’t remember.
    ten molams 50 paise i bargain.
    she is all love and and all smiles.
    she says, enne’ kanna, enne’ raasa, naalaikki vaa daa kannaa !! (come tomorrow) for 50 paise i’ll also come to your house with you
    i said we already have a servant maid
    illay kanna ! for 50 paise i’ll come with you as your bride (she said somethin more obscene)
    all the ladies selling flowers there broke in to a loud guffaw
    out of embarrassment i avoided Triplicane for over 2 years.
    oh lots of stories Aparna
    one more story okkay ?

    Hi Rauf, Welcome! My father will be 66 this year, so he was born before you πŸ˜€ Yikes, I wonder how vendors like these ever make any money. You are welcome to share all of your stories and wisdom here. I did look through a couple of your blogs; I was just blown away by the pictures. Awesome! Take care and do share your wisdom.

  5. This cute thing comes selling flowers, everyday, and those were the film camera days, i always wanted to take her picture. sometimes there would be no film or no money, One day i had the camera and the film and the money. My sisters keep buying from her, sometimes she was very imposing, forcing them to buy flowers. She was kind of a cute thug. i said i want to take your picture, she blushed and she smiled and i took the picture. She kept bothering me every day for the picture. Let the roll be over, had to develop and print, so it took a while and i made a small print. i was happy with myself, doing a pretty good job, the picture was nice. But the cute flower seller was not to be seen, after a couple of weeks she appeared with a swollen face and yelled at me, look what you did to me, i fell sick after you took my picture. Here is your picture. i said
    She gave me one nasty look,
    with utter contempt she looked at her picture, Neeye’ Vecchikko ( you keep it) i look lot prettier than this.

    Lol! Yeah there are those people even in these days who think that their ayisu will become less if they had their photos taken! Why even educated people don’t want to take pics of their new born baby…as supposedly it is wrong to take or share the photos of their baby for a while some up to a year!

  6. Its typical , to haggle for more money…and also bad business sense. I once had a lady selling oranges, telling me not to sort as it was disturbing her pile, which took her long to make. How am i supposed to pick good oranges, since it is common kowledge that the good ones are always buried…

    its also possible that she had a bad day and found you to vent on…

    May be this is why we should go to the bigger shops and get our grocery?! Have had the same experience at a vegetable vendor’s… About the venting…well, may be I should ask her to blog πŸ˜‰

  7. U know what I would have done??…wouldve bought the flowers and smashed it on the ground right in front of her and tell her, ” this is how much your flowers are worth!!” …so what if I invited unwanted stares, I did what I wanted to!!! πŸ˜€

    Wow! that is short temper!! and I am told I have one πŸ˜‰ I would not dream of doing that to flowers though. Honestly speaking, I don’t even like taking them off the plants!

  8. It must have been so annoying! She is just a very cranky woman who has learnt that she can get away with yelling like this. Don’t give her nay more business.

    Oh! yeah like others said, may be she had a bad day! Thankfully that day of mine was ok; else there would probably have been a showdown πŸ˜‰ No more business for her from me!

  9. oh i forgot, thanks for your visit Aparna, i couldn’t have located your word press blog odderwise, i am always eager to read Chennai blogs.
    Thank you

    You are welcome. It was a pleasure to see all the photos you have taken.

  10. ah ppl with attitude! Don’t really understand what is their problem?! Ignoring them is the best option and no more sales to them!

    Welcome Praddy! Well, I would show attitude too..but only when I am right…not like this! πŸ˜€ We decided never to get flowers from her…even if she were the last vendor there! πŸ™‚

  11. Most of the days are bad for them working on the streets,It’s the simple attitude,inferiority complex which makes them behave like that.
    I’ve had an experience when a beggar asked money ,I gave her 2 re in(2002)
    coins…you should have seen her pouncing and talking all rubbish.I had to just ignore her totally and bit scared of her actually -spit spat hitting her kid.You can’t just view them eye to makes you mad.Avoiding these type of characters are much better.

    My cousin was saying he went to local vegetable shop and bargained for some sabji…the response he got was what you guys are working and can afford to get a split AC ( which they fixed a week before this incident) and can’t afford this?Buy and just go away.this is the shop they shop buy for the past 5 years.What to call – Plain ignorant people-What else can we do? We can’t yell at them back We always feel embarassed.

    It’s the attitude not only in India it’s the same for a street vendor.Guess,it’s the hard work.

    Bhuvi, Wow!the vegetable vendor said that? And he knows what is bought in a house! We better be careful then…oh boy! I cannot really generalise though; because I have seen really kind vendors too. These probably are more of the exception and we get caught with such people off and on; making these memories stand out! One forgets niceties but remembers rudeness for a long time!

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