Story of my life!!

There have been posts after posts, articles after articles and news items after news items -the topic being the economy! Well, I guess it is common knowledge that I am in the job market…. the response I get “oh! The economy is so bad, companies are not hiring…they are laying off….”

I just felt oh! man..this is the story of my life…each and every time I have looked out for a job; the economy was bad. It was recession time. I left my job and followed P to start my life. Then people were being laid off, getting a work permit was just not possible. As time went by, getting that H1B was even more tough with the lottery system et al. Fast forward to this year….I have a huge gap in my career. The previous experience supposedly is invalid. I don’t mind starting as a fresher….but then again; the great economy.¬† Am I following its luck or is following me?! There are no jobs there for a person like me.

I am worried…as time goes by, the gap in my resume just gets bigger; I am older. I just don’t know; I feel like I am falling back into the pits (as if I ever got out! ) I am trying and hard; with hope. Hope is fading as time passes by. Feel like if my resum√© were printed out at every place I have tried or my friends have tried for me; then it is being used as paper for peanuts on the beach here! Time has all the answers right?! Right now; I feel like it is laughing at me and has been for quite a while. Wonder when this will end?! When my life ends ?There are times I wish it were sooner than later!