Story of my life!!

There have been posts after posts, articles after articles and news items after news items -the topic being the economy! Well, I guess it is common knowledge that I am in the job market…. the response I get “oh! The economy is so bad, companies are not hiring…they are laying off….”

I just felt oh! man..this is the story of my life…each and every time I have looked out for a job; the economy was bad. It was recession time. I left my job and followed P to start my life. Then people were being laid off, getting a work permit was just not possible. As time went by, getting that H1B was even more tough with the lottery system et al. Fast forward to this year….I have a huge gap in my career. The previous experience supposedly is invalid. I don’t mind starting as a fresher….but then again; the great economy.Β  Am I following its luck or is following me?! There are no jobs there for a person like me.

I am worried…as time goes by, the gap in my resume just gets bigger; I am older. I just don’t know; I feel like I am falling back into the pits (as if I ever got out! ) I am trying and hard; with hope. Hope is fading as time passes by. Feel like if my resumΓ© were printed out at every place I have tried or my friends have tried for me; then it is being used as paper for peanuts on the beach here! Time has all the answers right?! Right now; I feel like it is laughing at me and has been for quite a while. Wonder when this will end?! When my life ends ?There are times I wish it were sooner than later!


13 thoughts on “Story of my life!!

  1. Oh dear don’t worry! Do make profile at all the job websites and keep updating them regularly. Also search for jobs in those and apply. Keep the faith! If u want u can mail me your resume and I will what I can do to help.

    Hey Reema! Thanks for the offer. Yes, my profile is up on all and I do update them.

  2. U are right, the job economy is too bad. Its not your fault. but yes, keep updating your profile frequently in all the job sites. Dont worry, everything has its own time. Keep trying, believe in yourself and I am sure success will come to you naturally.

    Time! Yeah,….I guess I should get the patience to sit through this time! πŸ™‚

  3. Do not worry, everything will be fine. Why don’t try enhancing your skills into something latest? See what is sought after the most in your field and try the learning bit. Why don’t you look for a Teacher/Lecturer job in your field? I mean there must be some alternatives if you look around a bit??

    Yeah Dinesh…I am working from home on some projects. And trying anything and everything πŸ™‚ This was one of those days when I needed a vent I suppose. To me, a job would get me out of the house; stop making me think of other things happening in life. The job would become a vent πŸ™‚ Will keep you posted if I land something! Anything…

  4. Apar-

    I am assuming that you are in the IT/software field, correct me if I am wrong. But, no matter, have your tried looking at craiglist, doing some sort of consulting, home based business etc. Just throwing out some options/ideas. Good Luck, there is always something out there, its just the question of the right timing when you go to it and it comes to you.

    Bingo Mitr! Yeah…doing some wfh stuff…not too much. It is like I said earlier, to forget other stuff I need to get out of the house and a job is the answer to that. Now, the job has become kind of a problem on its own πŸ˜€ Hopefully something works out…and sooooooon πŸ˜€

  5. Hi Aparna,

    What type of field are you looking into?I know it’s quite easy to advice…but I have too…Why dont you update your field? Me being a homemaker do feel depressed every time..coping up with that.Not able to balance work and kid ,so left my job.I started working at the age of 18 to stay with my parents in gulf…for visa reasons,that time I never liked my job ,now 32 I want to work but not possible.Whatever…I feel things have to work out everything needs time.So simple right! Hard to feel that I know.

    Try updating your field ,it will boost the confidence…for sure.Thats the the only way you can build up the resume.Which field are you looking for…Kindly tell me.I’ll pass it on to my relative in Madras.Sereya.

    luv bhuvi.

    Thanks Bhuvi. Will mail you.

  6. i’m in a reversed situation, but probably because i’m a fresh graduate. have you considered starting your own business? something on a small scale, at least there’s some income while you continue your job search. i heard being your own boss is cool! πŸ˜‰ anyway, let me give you some good vibes! *passes on good job-hunting vibes from malaysia*

    Thanks sulz for the good vibes! πŸ˜€ Need them real bad πŸ™‚ Money really touchwood is not my problem per se πŸ˜€ So, not really being the risk taker…don’t know if business is something I will look into. God knows what is up for me!! It was just one of those random ranting days yesterday!! Thanking all for the support.

  7. It may take a little longer in these times, but there is always work for talented and resourceful people (like you). I’ve always had a job when I wanted one, regardless of what the economy is doing. I send you many good wishes and good luck thoughts! πŸ™‚

    Thanks Muse for the wishes, good luck and more importantly the compliments πŸ˜€ Talented?! Me? Well, made my day πŸ˜€ Will keep this smile on the entire day I suppose πŸ˜€

  8. Apar,
    It can be very frustrating; job hunting is a full time job without pay. There are people making money just by maintaining websites primarily through ads posted on their sites(% of business those companies make frm those ads). Ofcourse you need to get good traffic and content management is key. just a thought: Anyone out there vising this blog can more info to apar on this?

    Well said Shy…Job hunting is a full time job without pay. Will look into what you have suggested.

  9. hey just hang in there….its really tough to get back on the job market after a sabbatical, so try an alternate related field. and keep on looking for a break in your field…better to explain with an example and who better than mine (our situations are wee bit similar ) I have a ad agency background, but here in mysore there is no market for the online business, its way too small. So I’m looking at admin, marketing or teaching jobs, something to sustain… for a few months I even worked as a recruitment consultant from home, but if you can join them full time, why don’t you try it? there is always a vacancy for recruitment consultants.. but yes it will be as a fresher. And is there anybody you know, or maybe your parents know who can help out…it helps too, if you wanna go that way.

    btw what field are you in?

    S/w is my field. I know as we told each other…we are soul sisters. πŸ™‚ Yeah, I am open to other fields too. Unfortunately my parents don’t know anyone. Else they probably would be the first ones to bail me out in this situation. I have contacted all my friends, friends’ friends as I said my resume is out there with everyone. I have a friend of mine who actually says she wants me to get the job more than she wants to land one herself (She is in S’pore and is pushing my resume around to all her contacts in good old Chennai. God bless her!! She has more faith in me than I).

  10. have you tried putting up your resume in Monster or Naukri or other job portals, esp those related to your field? You will get good leads there. Meet recruitment consultants…

    Most of the portals of having different profiles, so while you have one in your particular field, have another one an alternate one, could be admin, copy writing…etc anything… you should get a few leads there..

  11. Hi Apar, I can understand your frustration, to let you know the present scenarios is like this, the project we were talking to one of the tier II banks in US was about to get signed off. But Alas, you know what happened in the financial sector and how badly it affected the whole world in terms of economy; trade and jobs. And it is still on hold, god knows what would happen to that.

    I saw your comment on Laksh’s blog post, I don’t know why it is happening, and it is not intentional. Will check. And thanks for stopping by my blog. Why don’t we meet sometime Apar?

    Hi Deepa! Yes, I read about how many of the IT sector companies lost projects from the bank sector thanks to Lehmann Bros. & other fiascos. Sure we can meet up. Was thinking of calling you home for navarathri and somehow did not get into that at all! Sorry. Let me know when you are free…Call/msg me. πŸ™‚

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