When one village can, why not the world?

This article in The Hindu makes me think…if one village can ban smoking and hold it for 90 years, why not the world. I know people will say well, it is a small area; and those who smoke go out of the village boundary and then do what they do. If it is all over the world, where will those go?

I have always strongly opposed smoking. Keep bugging my friends who smoke to quit (well made P quit…despite the “great” relationship we have, I should commend him for not smoking. It has been close to 8 years!)

Please quit smoking. There has been enough research and publications to show how harmful it is. I will keep to my way of asking my friends to quit, like a friend of mine said to me; you are doing your job which is to keep telling me to quit. Hope he quits sometime and soon. 🙂