When one village can, why not the world?

This article in The Hindu makes me think…if one village can ban smoking and hold it for 90 years, why not the world. I know people will say well, it is a small area; and those who smoke go out of the village boundary and then do what they do. If it is all over the world, where will those go?

I have always strongly opposed smoking. Keep bugging my friends who smoke to quit (well made P quit…despite the “great” relationship we have, I should commend him for not smoking. It has been close to 8 years!)

Please quit smoking. There has been enough research and publications to show how harmful it is. I will keep to my way of asking my friends to quit, like a friend of mine said to me; you are doing your job which is to keep telling me to quit. Hope he quits sometime and soon. 🙂


8 thoughts on “When one village can, why not the world?

  1. Oh i agree wid you totally !!
    I just cannot stand smokers and alcoholics!
    I never find guys or girls who smoke to be ‘cool n sauve’! It’s gross!
    People, it’s one thing that does you ABSOLUTELY no good, in any sense. Please help yourself! Quit smoking! 🙂

    Yup! Hope every smoker around listens and quits!!!

  2. Hey this is pretty nice and it is a village near Madurai! I am proud of those folks – No Smoking and No Wine shop in the village! The world will be a better place if we all say no to tobacco! We don’t need to influence ourselves with nicotine!

    Oh Maduraiveera! ….I thought you were gonna say that..”a village near Madurai ” 😉 Yeah am proud that this place is there 😀 We must all follow suit.

  3. Thanks for sharing this article and yes, if there is one small village in South India that can do the non-smoking thingie, then its time the rest of the world joins in, or atleast India.

    You are welcome Mitr…hope many others follow suit and we make the place smoke free

  4. the thing with smoking is that, like other addictions, it’s difficult to quit even when you know it’s bad for you. the desire is stronger than the will to give it up. i have an addictive personality, so i have an idea or two about how difficult it is in giving up something that gives a person so much pleasure. thank goodness i didn’t pick up any addictive activities, other than blogging, reading and eating. 😛

    as for emulating the village, i do agree that it’s the size of it that enables it to uphold this rule for many years. if we tried implementing in a bigger town, there will be indifferent people who won’t uphold this rule and smokers will take advantage of that. the government plays a big role in this, i believe. isn’t it illegal to smoke in restaurants in europe now, or something like that?

    Hey Sulz…I perfectly understand what addiction is. Eating? Join the club 😉 I am also a foodie (vegetarian foodie :D) Reading and blogging…can we call them addictions?! I suppose!! 😉
    Well, yes, everything starts small. If one small place can do it, we all can. Besides, public smoking is now banned in India.

  5. Heyy, thanks for sharing the article. Need to send that link to a couple of people whom i know. Im often laughed at for not trying all these. They say Im not living, im just existing.

    I believe cigarettes which are sold abroad have the after effects photographs. They should bring it here in India too. But yeah, there are people who never learn too!!!

    But then again, its how each one chose their life, I mean death!!!

    Rightly said, they choose death. They might as well commit suicide (that ways at least there won’t be second hand smoking and stuff like that! )

  6. Just a thought……….
    If its just one village, there is a very strong community feeling. Its contained and can keep some ‘holier than thou’ attitude towards others.But 90 years is a feat, with moving populations, if there was any. May be it turned into a custom.

    But it might be hard to extropolate that to a whole country. There are basic differences within people and the size of the underlying population is too large to be contained.More people to break the rules and once it is broken, it is just contagious.

    what’s your opinion on this ?

    Hi! Yeah…all those are true. Extrapolating to the whole country will be hard, but don’t things start small? People are the same…and it is an obvious fact that smoking is harmful not only to the smoker but to all around the person. To do something right, if one has to be hard, yes…it must be done. If a rule is made, and is broken; then punish and severely at that. Lesson will be learnt. There will be voices that there will be smuggling etc., There will always be excuses and counter arguments. If something bad is to be stopped; we should take a step. For all those who say, it cannot be done, it may be small, yet is still a valid example – the village near Madurai which has done it for nearly a century!

  7. that’s amazing !! a funny news that I got to watch this weekend, Kerala govt ran a campaign about the ill effects of alcohol, with financial aid from govt owned liquor distributing corporation. That week, sales of liquor went up, like 50% !

    Welcome Dinu! How very ironic! 🙂 50% huh?! Moral of the story: Sponsor an anti-use campaign if you want to boost your sales? 😀

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