A face to a letter! ;)

Vimal has tagged me in this photo tag. It is to publish a candid and not posed photograph which was taken about 10 years ago. Vimal says “childhood snaps (a snap atleast 10 years old)” All I can do is smile at that.

Honestly, I was going to pass doing this one. One major reason, I don’t quite have pics from 10 years back. Even if I do, the only ones that were not really posed for would be those taken during dance performances. Actually, I don’t have that many pics of mine ….hazard of being the second kid (parents did not have time to take pics!! or so they say 😉 ), growing up I did not like my pic taken cos I felt concious of my braces, eventually people did not take photos of me. 😀

So, after the long preamble…what am I going to do with this particular tag?! Thought I would put a face to the letter…so here goes…some candid childhood (hehehe) shots of A (sorry! I did not satisfy the 10 year old condition, he is not even 4 😀 …well few years down the lane, these will be 10 years old 😉 )

The pics range from his scan, a couple of hours after his birth to those taken about a few months back.

Now for the next set of scapegoats!! (Muahahaha … )

Laksh well, both A-kay & Laksh are kinda my constants…:)
Indian home maker
(have not tagged her yet…)
Scorpria (have not tagged her also so far…)
Rajitha (to get her out of her blogging slump 😉 )


17 thoughts on “A face to a letter! ;)

  1. Beautiful collage. You’ve managed to catch A in all moods. A is a very cute boy 🙂
    You are right about that second kid thing. I am a second kid too 🙂

    Thank you Varun! Yeah…he is my fave subject when it comes to photography ever since he was born. I keep telling my friends who are having their second or have had…to be nice to the kid and do every single thing they did with the first – time not being an excuse. 🙂 I give a tough time to my parents too 😉 make them feel guilty at every single chance

  2. beautiful collage :)I simply love the in the staples box and the one in front of the laptop 🙂

    Thank you Imp’s mom! Can we see one such thing of your imp? Or may be you can just mail me a pic…

  3. A is adorable! makes me want to have my own kid. 🙂

    Wanna borrow A? 😀 yeah never thought I would say this ever…but having a kid is great. A is one person who brings a smile on my face every day 😀

  4. Awwww very cute! From scan to recent. Wow!!

    Thanks Reema! These are just a few of the thousands….he is my fave subject when it comes to photography and was his dad’s too….

  5. Heyy, thanks for doing the tag. Nice collage, have just seen him last week and it was gr8 seeing his just born fotos.

    People, A is simply a gr8 singer at this age itself. and my fav song of his is ‘Dhoom Machaale’ !!!

    lol! As long as you want to hear encore after encore of the few lines he knows in each song! 🙂

  6. He’s gorgeous! What a nice collage, too. That one on the bottom in the red shirt, though, awwww! 😦 😀

    Thanks Muse! I think that is the most recent…he was upset I was clicking his friends 😀 lol!!

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