Quirks?!? Me?

Dinesh of 18,000 RPM tagged me.

Edit: Reema of My Random Thoughts has also tagged me for the same 🙂

The tag is to list 6 quirks of mine. First off, apologies for the delay…reason?! I had to think a lot (been quite a bit out of touch with the concept of thinking too 😉 ) and I came to the conclusion that I am as normal as anyone can get 😀 but with extreme difficulty; I ended up with a list….here goes….

#1 As Nikhil said, me thinking of what my quirks are for so long itself is quirky ( I suppose!)

#2 I am way too honest and straightforward that I refuse to cook up my resume much to some people’s chagrin. Is that my quirk or theirs?!

#3 I am patient enough to do 1000 or more pieces jigsaws, separate a mixture of toor and chenna dal (a kg each) but am way too impatient when it comes to knowing what is up in my life!

#4 When I am in charge of the household (the chores rather 😉 ), I hate having a sink full of dirty dishes to wake up to…so always washed them up before going to bed. Talking of chores, I love washing clothes (the smell of freshly done laundry…love it) but hate folding them…quirkiness; I love pressing clothes.  I would rather sweep & mop the old fashioned way than plug in the vacuum cleaner.

#5 I play more with my son’s GeoTrax and Lego sets than he probably does 😀

#6 A has more quirks than I do (May be I should list his instead of mine like I put up his pics instead of mine for Vimal’s tag 😀 )

Now to tag 6 other people as required. I tag those whom I had the opportunity to meet with A last saturday ( a few absentees from the planned meet …but then we are not talking about those especially those who had really lame reasons!! )


Did not tag Aparna as I already have tagged her and to remind her, she is yet to do it 😉

A & I had a wonderful time that day. Thanks a lot fellow bloggers 😀 We definitely should do that more often.


11 thoughts on “Quirks?!? Me?

  1. Well looks like a simpler tag than vimmu’s..so will do it first :).

    The meet was cool.If not for that cover charge warning n mosquitoes we cud have had more time I guess.And A was a total sweetheart,cant imagine kids being so chamathu for 2+hours.

    yeah yeah Chamathu!!! that is why the most recent pic of A in the collage is him throwing his tantrum 🙂 To show the world what the chamathu is capable of 😉

  2. 2 – It is obviously their quirk. I refuse to cook up my CV too 🙂
    5 – I love Lego sets 🙂 and GeoTrax is cool 😀

    Varun!! They are cool and way too much fun 🙂 Some of that set is featured in the “park” in Navarathri
    Good some one has the same quirk as me #2 😀

  3. Lego set is the quirkiest I would say. But I have to admit to that quirkiness too, I play with my daughter’s megablocks more than she does. Nice quirkiness, Thanks for doing the tag 🙂

    Really?! I thought my #6 was the quirkiest 😉 You made me think…thanks 😉

  4. Hey I have tagged u too!! U r pretty normal! 🙂
    Sigh! hope I will be able to attend a bloggers meet some day.

    Sorry! I edited the text to add your name too! 😀 Btw, I wanted to start my tag the same way you did; but ended up doing this 😀 Sure, come over to Chennai 😀 anytime and we all will be there…

  5. and there you go with your revenge !!!

    Will do the tag soon.

    Even I like presssing clothes and I could sit on it for hours together!

    We should have the meeting often, it was a nice evening very well spent. Had great time with A on the way back!!!

    Yup! Revenge is sweeeeeet 😀 And yes…we must do it more often 🙂

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