I am all for….but….

News coverage of breaking news. I am all for it. Especially now as an Indian, I am one of the many glued to the television for every bit of news on the attacks & counter attacks in Mumbai. I am amazed at reporters like Barkha Dutt who has been reporting right through the whole event. Does she ever even take some rest I wonder?! Kudos to all the reporters along with the commandos in the operation. My heart goes out to all those who lost their lives or are injured. This is an event which will never ever disappear from our minds. As a friend put it, nothing of this scale has happened in recent history in India. Yes! I need news. I gobble it all up. React to it with fear, apprehension, empathy, anger and all the gamut of emotions.

So, what is this post all about. Many bloggers have written about how we must be united, have hope. About how the leaders must act etc..,  My crib this time is actually about the “excellent” coverage of news. Some points.  I kept flipping across the various channels. I expect a trained journalist to be coherent, not stammer and search for words – this though was not the case in many of those covering the collossal event. No wonder everyone thinks they can be a journalist.

Next thing I was thinking was (ok…I have a particular channel that I watched more than others…) the non-coverage of other events. My special crib, staying in Chennai which is almost drowning due to the effects of cyclone Nisha… there is absolutely no mention about this. A fellow blogger Vishesh has this post to depict what is happening here. I do not even expect visuals but the news scrolls below can at least cover other news. Is it too much to ask for? After all it is a news channel and this is also news!

Another blogger Hawkeye has this post. I do not exactly agree to his view points though one cannot deny the repetitiveness in each telecast of the news item.

My best wishes goes out to all the bereaved in the Mumbai incident. A few weeks from now, all this hungamma will die down; but for those who have lost someone…it will be there forever – the trauma. I wish all those injured a speedy recovery from their physical & mental wounds. These terrorists are retards like how Nikhil has written in his post here. As he has written we are a country that has undergone a lot of turmoil through the centuries. A good friend sent this interesting link & this one here. Food for thought.

I am not really hopeful when it comes to my life; but am an absolute optimist when it comes to my country. I am proud to be Indian. We will survive and be resilient.


14 thoughts on “I am all for….but….

  1. ” but am an absolute optimist when it comes to my country. I am proud to be Indian. We will survive and be resilient.”


    Yes Vishesh! We will survive like we always have.

  2. Lets hope for the best. Though, we can’t say it will not happen again.

    No Manasa! Though we can hope it will not and step up everything so that our borders are secure. As a friend of mine wrote…fumigate our country of all these pests; not just hold candle vigils and the sorts!

  3. I rad somewhere that the Israeli newspapers never report terrorist attacks in first page.There are only political news in front page..we need to accept that the packaging by the media these days is sad.. mean u take off the logo all the channels r similar…lack of originality and at times insensitive too

    Exactly!! In fact for the first time in years I actually felt sorry for a politician. If it was any other time, VP Singh’s death, his life & times would have hogged the news for all 7 days of official mourning. We probably would have written how news sucked big time!! These news channels better step things up…really!! Like one channel has a tag line – “Enough is Enough!”

  4. Well i agree with u ..
    channels have done an excellent job in reporting these events by keeping their lives on the line ..as a citizen we nee;d to knows whats going on there..can u imagine a time without these news channels..
    we would be totally unaware of the attacks

    Yeah…we are unaware of all the other news happening is what my point is. Good coverage….but….

  5. There are many confusing things about this event, to me, like, why was security lessened at the Taj Hotel recently? Most of my thoughts are for the people, and the uncertainty and fear that this has brought forth. It can be very frustrating when the news constantly replays these events. You are right to point out that there is much other news. It was like that here in the US, too—for two days, it was all Mumbai, all the time. Of course we want to know about it; and send good thoughts to our friends; it affects us all. We in other parts of the world stand with you for Peace.

    Yeah Muse…lots of questions. I sometimes feel that sensationalising terrorist attacks is just a way to say “Hey yes…we are terrorised. You have won!” Especially the telecasts like the ones we saw through the ordeal -“live” (as they were asked to delay the pictures!) telecast. Thank you for your good thoughts! Yes…hope for peace and hope it comes about soon world over!!

  6. News media tries to feed on what is popular, to keep their ratings high. It is cheesy and they do it everytime and they don’t mind doing it. I was getting the news of Chennai rains from twitter messages though 🙂

    Disgusting ain’t it? Popularity, ratings!! And yeah, I read somewhere that twitter was working better than many or should I say all of the news channels 🙂

  7. The news channels and their coverage was more sensationalist than required. And how they operate more often than not disgusts.
    You see people coming out of the hotel after the ordeal and there are a hundred mikes thrust in their faces asking them how they are feeling. Live footage of the commandos’ operations was being telecast which would have really been counter productive to the entire operation. Not to mention the cheesy headlines and comments they make about the concerned parties.
    Last but not least the tendency to pass judgement before they have any proof.

    Journalism is supposed to be unbiased reporting. That doesn’t seem to be happening in India anymore.

    True Amreekandesi..it was disgusting. Journalists thrusting the microphones in the faces of the survivors who were coming out, no respect to the families in mourning. The media was supposedly asked to delay their coverage (they had to be asked!?!) Speculations all over the place!!
    Though I have a feeling that it is not only an Indian factor – biased/ stupid reporting…It was pretty bad when I used to see US news coverage!

  8. News channels discuss all sort of stupid matters when there is no such sensational news. The world news is rare on StarNEWS and AajTak. Even in weather report they dont show Chattisgarh’s capital Raipur!!

    I guess like some have been telling me, tweets make more sense from now on to know what is happening in places than the “reputed” news channels!! As Raaga has written here, wish we were back in the days of just one channel and one coverage!

  9. Good post. I know, the situation in chennai is completely overshadowed by the Mumbai incident. Probably goes to show how much terror has forced the media away from pressing domestic issues. I hope everything’s back to normal now?

    Thanks Nikhil! Yeah getting there to normalcy, puddles around the place. Have not been near the subway that Vishesh has featured or any of the others – but I suppose, things would be better. Boy oh boy! been ages since the heavens opened up like this!!!

  10. It would be better that we shun the news channels and depend on the good old internet.

    True…or sometimes I wish we go to the other extreme and rely on newspapers alone even!!! I know that is a tad too much; but I do get there sometimes!

  11. I sometimes even felt that they were stammering just for the sake of it. Just to show that they were scared and still reporting. NDTV did a good job here. They sent their most experienced campaigners Srinivas Jain and Barkha Dutt to do the reporting. We will surely survive and be resilient. Jai Hind 🙂

    I never thought of it in that angle, mainly because I have heard stammering even in just ordinary broadcasts…not in “breaking news” broadcasts only! Jai Hind!! 🙂

  12. ” but am an absolute optimist when it comes to my country. I am proud to be Indian. We will survive and be resilient.”

    Absolutely! Our Media is a double edged sword, who need to be shown the mirror and held up accountable for their “live feed “actions and their insensitivity in the name of TRP’s. Its high time!

    here’s a petition to regulate the media esp during a crisis / terrorist situation –> http://mediaverve.com/smallchange/

    Guess everything is a double edged sword. Do we really need to know news as it is happening? In the end, who is to blame? The media would claim that they gave what the viewers wanted – showing the TRPs as their proof. Here we are saying that they did a lousy job.
    Thank you for the link. Have signed the petition 🙂

  13. But don’t you think all the news channels indirectly the terrorists in finding out whats happening outside??

    and regarding Chennai floods,its affected me very badly. My home and my properties are destroyed !

    Was wondering what was up with you…will call you sometime! My point exactly, the news coverage sucked on all terms. I said that the journalists hung out there all the time and felt like they did not sleep a wink et al. In the end, it was all unnecessary. There was no restraint, sensitivity in the coverage 24/7!! Ignoring all other happenings in the country.

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