Free Stuff – I like :)

Thanks to The BeadDen, came to know of this Giveaway site.Well, it is the holiday season 😀

It is a cool site. They giveaway a usually priced software for a day. So, keep checking the site – you never know when you might get the product you might want or get something you thought you did not want but end up liking (kinda like life 😉 )

If you have a product that you developed…check out this page on the site which helps build user base & advertise.


6 thoughts on “Free Stuff – I like :)

  1. My download contained a virus – be careful.

    Welcome here Raymond! Thanks & point noted. Virus check please 🙂 I actually looked more into the site for the developers portion of it 🙂 but makes sense to check for virus

  2. You’ve come up with yet another cool link…Thanks… Snow fall is cool too. How did you do it?

    You are welcome. Thanks to Vishesh, found that WP has included this snowfall option for the holiday season in the extras section. I do remember there is a javascript that makes this happen…you probably can download that and add it to your blogger page.

  3. I haven’t had a virus yet, thank goodness. But from now on I will be wary. I usually read the comments section first to see what other people say about the software.

    Yeah…better safe than sorry 🙂

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