I have written about how I have tried to take my life and have thought many a time to do so. I promised that I would not even think about it again (have kept it so far…)
Though, this post is not about that… It is one of those sites I landed upon on random surfing..Calculate your death date here. Seems like I am going to be here for quite a long haul. Poor everyone who knows me 😦 😉

Oh…btw, one of the links in this link calculated that I am quite an idiot (39% if I remember right 😉 high or is it way too low for what I am? 🙂 ) The page has quite a few fun links for…again time pass (Nikhil don’t turn green!! 😉 ) Now I know I will be a giraffe in my next birth (at least I will be tall unless the species goes through some mutation!!). Wish I had a little teeny weensy % of the money I am worth 😉