I have written about how I have tried to take my life and have thought many a time to do so. I promised that I would not even think about it again (have kept it so far…)
Though, this post is not about that… It is one of those sites I landed upon on random surfing..Calculate your death date here. Seems like I am going to be here for quite a long haul. Poor everyone who knows me 😦 😉

Oh…btw, one of the links in this link calculated that I am quite an idiot (39% if I remember right 😉 high or is it way too low for what I am? 🙂 ) The page has quite a few fun links for…again time pass (Nikhil don’t turn green!! 😉 ) Now I know I will be a giraffe in my next birth (at least I will be tall unless the species goes through some mutation!!). Wish I had a little teeny weensy % of the money I am worth 😉


14 thoughts on “Death…

  1. I don’t want to know when I’ll die. I’d always think about it. 🙂 But those games are always fun to do!

    lol! I don’t think we can really give credence to any of these games 🙂 They still are fun. As I keep saying a good time pass 🙂

  2. NO time to think of dying when there are so many fun blogs to read. There are so many people who don’t agree with you, you have to give them YOUR point of view … no? And then there is that new widget and some polls to add to the blog … I agree with Vimal, you are so lucky to have some fun time 🙂

    🙂 True IHM…And about the fun time; I suppose I would make it happen even if I were working! 😉 Would be harder, still… 😀 Being a mother to a 4 year old boy does eat away a lot of time though…I do enjoy every moment of that!!

  3. Do you find these fun links or do the links manage to find you!!? 🙂

    I’ll be a Cockchafer in my next life. Kind of a beetle.. yuk! 😀

    I had to google Cockchafer! About finding the links: I think it happens both ways 😉 that is how random my web surfing goes…

  4. I’m very glad you’ve agreed not to think about taking your life anymore! I would miss you! 🙂 So, am I to understand from your quizzes, that you are (or will be) an idiot giraffe? 😉 Sounds rather charming, actually. 😀

    Thank you Muse. Specially for saying you would miss me. I am an idiot now 😀 ; though don’t know if it gets carried over or multiplied (hopefully diminished) in rebirth. Imagining what an idiot giraffe would be upto! 🙂

  5. lol…mine 2053 long enuf? but seriously who has got the time to think of death, when all i can think about is that my imp sleeps peacefully the whole night thus giving me my sleep too 😀

    and I’m going to be a Scarab in my next life

    for a sec you really had me scared with the title of your post!

    Well, for starters about the title – I think about it a lot. Guess the promise keeps me from doing something! I don’t know… Imp does not sleep peacefully all night still? Hope she is ok! I am yet to mail you…once I finish responding to the comments – first task mail Imp’s mom 🙂 A scarab? Interesting 🙂

  6. I tried and resisted, so I stopped at a weird shade of majenta-red-green combo… Phew! 😀
    And I don’t need these links to tell me what I’ll be in my next birth – I’ll be a doorknob! 😀

    You shoulda taken a pic of you turning that weird color combo and as usual made a sensational post out of that…though would appreciate you leaving my name out of it 😉 A doorknob? Really? Why I wonder?!

  7. yea she is ok, she just keeps remembering her day in her sleep and talks, gets angry and starts crying..

    Oh yeah! A does that too sometimes…talks in his sleep! The irritating part for me is that he grinds his teeth – a lot!

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