Words -> pictures :)

Scorpria tagged me on this one.

The rules of the tag :

  1. What you draw is your wish. But it has to be relevant to the words given to you.
  2. You must use all the five words given to you by your tagger and draw pictures using paint or GIMP or any other photo editing tool.
  3. Each picture must be self explanatory when you relate it to the given word.
  4. Each word MUST have at least one picture attributed to it.
  5. None of these pictures should be copyrighted. By this I mean that you have to draw them yourself.
  6. After you finish the tag, which I think will take quite some time; you need to pass it on to other people with a fresh set of 5 words.

The words allotted to me : Joy, child, game, footsteps, candles

I like painting; not necessarily MS Paint. So I did the basic image on paint, used Adobe Photoshop elements to add embellishments 🙂  like texture or shading. I also have used red, green as primary colours in the pics. Well, Christmas is round the corner 😀

So here goes :

Joy to the world!! 🙂

A note on the above : I wanted to stop with just the first image and later was persuaded by a couple of my friends to add in the rest 🙂 Thanks to their feed back!

Snow man missing 😉 or should it be some snowballs? 😀

Debated a lot (with myself of course, got a suggestions from those friends I mentioned too 😉 ) Decided to use this to depict “game” One of my favorite games 🙂

Self explanatory?! A walk in the sky…no clouds (have many hanging over anyways 🙂 😉 )

I had lit a candle in St. Patrick’s cathedral almost every Christmas I was in NY.  So, Thanks Pria – I at least drew them this season 😉

Scorpria: I hereby solemnly swear that I did all these on my own. No scanning nor copying 🙂 Well, would not have copied anyways…but might have sketched/painted on paper & scanned. Way easier than struggling with the mouse 😦 OH…Santa: I wish I had a graphics pen 🙂

Now for the most difficult part of the tag; passing it on…

Bhargavi : Tequila, dope, boyfriend,shopping, scapegoat 😉
Imp’s mom : Imp :), sister, Mysore, puzzle, train
A-kay : Friend, vacation, dawn, cuisine, kiwi
Dinesh : Dream, Madurai , Ghagra-choli, computer & dragon (after all you were named Dragon babu right;) )
Vishesh: Light, Exam, Poetry, reflection, heaven

Edited to add:

Vishesh: Since I found out that 2 others had tagged you on this, my apologies. I did not know you were tagged. Hence you are excused from this one 😉  If you still wanna take up the challenge and do it despite your exams; you are welcome 🙂

Sulz : Books, Chocolate, tower, Macau , friend 🙂 (Sorry for the late add Sulz…was wondering what words to give you. I almost gave you the password to your post!!! Ooopss!!! then changed it to Macau 🙂 )

All those tagged…a note to you: It is fun. So, go on ahead and try it out 🙂

To me: 2 down 2 to go!! (from Nautankey & The BeadDen) 🙂

9 thoughts on “Words -> pictures :)

  1. Wow!! looks i m only one left who hasnt done the tag yet. All of u are so good at drawing!! i m having a complex.

    Aww…come on! You are the queen of tags. I am so sure you will out do the best out there! 🙂

  2. i can’t draw, neither on paper nor microsoft paint! i’m gonna cheat, i’m telling you!

    No cheating!! 🙂 Try MS Paint. It is child’s play really!! 😀

  3. That is such a cool meme, Apar! You are quite the artist! I am very impressed.

    Thanks BD. I thought you would be busy with Xmas, hence did not tag you 🙂 Maybe Sulz will 😉

  4. You drew the joystic on paint!??? Oh wowie!! 😀
    You’re an artist!

    Thanks! Yeah…the basic image on paint looking at a joystick. My friend said “Atari 2600” when he saw the image 🙂

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