All in fours- not really! ;)

The BeadDen tagged me on this one here.

From the four Vedas to the Fab four, the four cardinal directions to four suits of playing cards, four Greek classical elements to four Evangelists….four seems to a very significant number. The only number that has  the same number of letters as the number itself is “Four”! …More information found on the Wiki page for the number. Interesting surely!!!!

Here goes:

4 places I go over and over:

1 Landmark (It is a shop where I can peruse books, A can get toys ….it is the other way round in priority off late 😉 )

2 It used to be Costco/Sams like BD when I was in the US, here it is probably Big Bazaar (A loves the place as he can run around 🙂 )

3 Beach

4 Any place that sells handicrafts like Khadi gramodyog bhavan, VTI, Gurjari, Cauvery and the likes…

I like shopping…at least window shopping!!

4 people who e-mail me regularly (I tend to keep in touch through chats more often than emails. Hence this list will become either e-mail or chat 🙂

1 school friends like George, Y & P

2 friends from the US who I have left behind like B, U, Laksh, A-kay

3 Chennai bloggers (& Nikhil, Kris )

4 My brother & SIL

4 of my favorite places to eat: (not really a picky person…and have not gone out here as often…practical difficulties 🙂 That should explain some of the answers below! )

1 Amma’s / Grandma’s

2 Eden loved their bakes

3 Good old Saravana Bhavan / Sangeetha’s

4 Pizza hut / Dominoes (A’s choice 🙂 )

4 places you’d rather be NOW:

1 A place I can call my home and my own 😦

2 In bed with a good book and no interference 😉

3 Anywhere I’ve never been. (stolen from BD)

4 Doing something adventurous somewhere…trekking/ hiking/walking/rafting…whatever! Learning something?!? Anywhere but here?! 😀

4 TV shows I could watch over and over:

1 House MD (touch wood BD)

2 FRIENDS / MASH ….many of the sitcoms around the time of Friends. Was hooked on to Studio 60 at Sunset Boulevard)

3 NCIS /CSI (all those kind of series actually:) )

4 Yes Minister or Yes Prime Minister (love the books too!!)

Actually there are more than just 4 & they are all ancient except House MD. The others are

Fawlty Towers, Mind your Language, The Nutt House, Faerie Tale Theatre, Whose line is it anyway?, Mastermind, You asked for it, Believe it or not, Rail Sneham (tamil), Penn (Tamil) (link is about the brain behind the series), Malgudi Days,  shows like those on TLC…long list eh?

4 movies I could watch over and over ( I like watching movies…but not really a movie theatre goer 🙂 So this list is also pretty long…in fact I am thinking of picking up another tag…let’s see. Will just list a few that pop into my head now )

1 Cool runnings / My cousin Vinny

2 Dead Poet’s Society

3 Dalapathi / Nayakan

4 Sagara Sangamam

4 people I hope will respond: ( aahh…the tough part now!! 🙂 )

1 Nautankey (you tag me, I tag you 😉 )

Tagging the following for the first time! 🙂

2 Varun

3 Amit

4 Phoenixritu

18 thoughts on “All in fours- not really! ;)

  1. I hope you remember what “Tags” are an acronym for? 😉
    If you don’t please refer to the dummy’s guide to blogging!! 😀

    OMG! I can’t believe I actually went and checked it out!! Henceforth am gonna use only “meme”. LOL!! Am sure you would come up with something for that too!! 😀 Just an after thought, I know you also have a lot of them pending 😉

  2. These tags are such fun, I love Landmark and Crosswords both. Books, some coffee and some silence … 🙂 heaven.

    🙂 Somehow I associate all those words with B&N or Borders back in NY…I find Landmark pretty noisy & crowded!! Guess I have to start living here! 😀 So, in that case, the vote would go to BCL

  3. Wow, you ARE catching up on your memes! I like how you did research about all the 4-things there are. I didn’t know all that. I share some of your TV faves. 🙂 Ahhh…the beach. It’s been a long time, for me. I believe you will find just the right home for you, really! 😉

  4. They have a wiki page on ‘four’ as well?! How strange! I mean who would be able to reach wikipedia if they didn’t know what’s four?

    Welcome here D! Guess the page is there for creatures like me who link it up 😉

  5. im a big fan of those sitcoms as well 😉

    used to watch Grey’s Anatomy, but now its tooo much chickflick 😀

    Oh I think I watched one episode if at all of Grey’s 🙂 I do like chick flicks; but not Grey’s kind 🙂

  6. Very nice.. Now, tell me four books you love.. Four of A’s fave things.. 🙂

    Hmmm…4 fave books
    1 First Among Equals
    2 Fountainhead (don’t laugh! )
    3 Lord of the Rings
    4 Asterix/Tintin/ Calvin

    4 fave things of A… that is a toughie…cos it keeps changing ever so often!!
    1 His Car collection
    2 His books (fave among that is Cars & The Little Red Caboose)
    3 Geotrax
    4 His cycle

    There done 😀

  7. Great meme, Apar!

    Seeing that food…it looks so good!
    A House fan too! Such a good show. CSI and friends too!
    My Cousin Vinny was pretty funny.

    Thanks for doing the meme. 🙂

    Oh yes!! A major House fan here! Enjoyed doing the meme BeadDen 🙂

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