Season’s Greetings!

Image: Courtesy Google Image search

Wishing all happy holidays! Hope this season gives every one what they wish for 🙂

Update: A & I are getting pampered royally at my grandma’s – meaning he is getting spoilt rotten and I am putting on loads of weight which I probably will never lose 🙂


19 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings!

  1. Happy Holidays!!! Sitting in paati’s house, eating yummy food, getting pampered – do the holidays get any better? 😀

    It does not! Enjoying all the food!! Hope to meet you when I get back and your mum too!

  2. happy holidays. getting fat from good food is a sign of happy times. 🙂

    Yeah? really?! I am already fat!! Getting fatter is a sign of more difficult times healthwise…ain’t it? 😀 Hope you got your Christmas shopping done! 😀

  3. Eat, eat! Lose weight later; that’s what the New Year is for. Sounds like you are having fun! 😛
    Beautiful image. Happy holidays, Apar!!!

    Thanks Muse! Hope you are doing well and enjoying every bit of the holiday season! If only it were as easy at is sounds…lose weight 😀 but yeah am eating!! 😀

  4. happeee hols and merry christmas to you and A .. and happy hogging , mostly 😉

    Oh wishing you the same!! Happy? hogging? well…yeah happily hogging; will cry later I suppose!! I better get into shape!!!

  5. ITs happy holiday for me ..just a day off 😦
    merry christmas and enjoy ur holidays 🙂

    Ok…Christmas & New Year’s day. 2 days… holidays 🙂 Will call you when I get back to Chennai 😀

  6. Happy Holidays!! Don’t bother about the weight. Eat as much as you can and have fun with A and your grandma! 😀

    Thank you! Hope you are enjoying yours! 🙂 Having fun & worrying about the weight 😀

  7. Happy Holidays and wishing you a bright 2009! Don’t worry about the weight gain, you can lose it later, enjoy the pampering while it lasts. I so miss it out here, being so far away from one and all, esp. during holidays and festivities.

    Yeah! Hope I lose the excess! 🙂 Wish you a very happy 2009 Mitr!

  8. Have a wonderful Holidays Apar and A. Hope and pray that the New year brings you all the hope, courage, excitement and many more of good things to your life. God bless

    Thanks a million Shy! Wish you all the happiness in 2009 and all the years to follow 😀

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