Another day, Another year…

Like many others on the blogosphere, I did plan to do a balance check of the year 2008 & to list resolutions for this year.

The first did not quite work out. Well, turns out the previous year was totally imbalanced. Too askew for a Libra. I did have some 😀 days. Wish I got them back and they sustained. My son started LKG ( a long haul ahead!). I made some wonderful new friends (thanks to blogging) and renewed contacts with some old ones. Thanks to them for being a pillar of support in the askew times.

The second – well, I have never made any resolutions ever. I thought I would make the resolution to exercise regularly & diet. I was reminded by a friend that not only is that old school thought but is a necessity to leading a healthy life. Thanks 🙂 So, here is to leading a healthy life.

What do I wish for? World peace? 😀 . I am not a contestant in a beauty paegent (never aspired to be and cannot even if I did 😉 ) but world peace does not hurt. Anyways, on personal grounds, I guess any reader of this blog knows what I wish for :D. Just in case, I hope God (if one exists! ) stops using me as a punching bag to give me a reprieve.

So, why the title? January 1st does not make a difference in any way. It just seems like another day. 2009 is another year. That probably is the jaded me talking. I did wish one and all a very happy new year! 😀 and I am wishing all those who stop by here a really good year ahead 🙂

Hope there are many 😀 posts and less rants this year. Hope the same time next year, I don’t say it is just another day, another year (hey! just realised, may be it is a sign that I am more mature 😉 ) Lots more I am hoping for me and all around me.