I had a really pleasant evening yesterday with fellow Chennai bloggers on the beach –  which involved a variety of topics, pulling each others’  legs (well, some were more the victims than others 🙂 ) etc.., . The major topic though happened to be astrology – Moon signs, sun signs, stars, behaviour, compatibility and the likes. This is a topic that I like and find intriguing though am not so knowledgeable. Do I believe in the whole thing? The Libra mind wavers from one end to another. There are times I do, and those I don’t. Nevertheless, do find the subject interesting.

So, to people who are piqued like me; you can get your charts and astrological info here. That is one of the many sites which offer the birth charts free based on the information provided.

The information required:

Date of birth(D/M/Y)
Time of birth
Time zone
Place of birth (actually the latitude and longitude – used good old Google to get that info 🙂 )

You could get either a south Indian chart or the north Indian version as per your choice.

Now, that the chart is done, I will try figure out the mystery behind those planets 🙂 If readers out there know of sites that can set the ignorant me on an enlightening path – please show the way 😀

Parting note…thanks to all my blog friends A & I had a wonderful evening yesterday. Hopefully more to come this year 🙂


16 thoughts on “Horoscopes

  1. ahaa i did mine already..researching more on my horoscope 🙂

    and surely we will have more such meets this year 🙂

    I know you did..will update you and u better let me know if you get any good links 🙂

  2. I was in Chennai on the 3rd and 4th. I was there for a birthday party. I didn’t have any of your contact numbers and there was no internet connection available at my disposal 😦

    I find astrology very interesting! Do you know of any sites that can give me my predictions for 2009?

    Next time, ping any of us here 🙂 May be we can all meet up. There are quite a few sites which give predictions. I think the site given to get the horoscope charted also gives predictions in another link.

  3. After my new year high I realized I am the god.So not beleiving in these stuff,as such I can make the planets move to my favorable position u see…

    Oh!! Then God!! We need to talk! Deals to be made 🙂

  4. damm i missed one more asusual!!!

    but all this astro stuff is goin overboard nowadays!!! hhhhmmmmm let me see wot i can dig for mine!

    You know what? Send me your number. I will call you for the next one. We plan to meet more often cos it is major fun. 😀

  5. horoscopes… not sure but i may be the biggest fan of Linda Goodman. i have read her sun signs so many times that i have lost count. i just luv that book. can read it anytime.

    Welcome here Oorja! Yeah…Goodman deals with sun signs. The horoscopes are more Indian and we were discussing moon signs 🙂

  6. I am interested in astrology for studying people not for the predictions part and I do believe in Sun Signs. I will suggest u to buy Sun Signs by Linda Goodman.. Its the Bible for anyone interested in knowing the effects of planets on a person’s nature personality emotions.

    I have read Linda Goodman. It is about sun signs. We were talking more about moon signs & nakshatras – Thanks to Aparna G. We were looking at personalities and relations to signs too 🙂

  7. “some were more the victims than others”…now, that should be me !

    “A & I had a wonderful evening yesterday”…ok, now we all know who A is, but who is this ‘I’ ?? 😉

    We had fun Vimmuuu!! and lol!!!

  8. vimal n apar – for a minute i was wondering who this ‘I’ was!! 😛

    How mean!! I started wondering if my grammar was wrong…is it?! 🙂

  9. So glad you enjoyed your fellow bloggers! Obviously, I’m too far away so I will have to enjoy you from afar. 🙂 I looked at your link. I had never had Vedic Astrology done, just western and Chinese. This was most interesting.
    Let us know more about your chart! 😀

  10. Oh then u can get Linda Goodman’s Love Signs and Star Signs!

    I guess Aparna G can tell you the difference between all. Basically I want an Indian perspective too. I have read both sun signs & star signs by Linda Goodman 🙂

  11. Although i dont beleive in it much but as u said the subject is just too interesting to resist ..
    I had linda gooman’s book and that was the first book i had read 😉

    Nice! Yeah it is really hard to resist. Even if I don’t entirely believe in the predictions; that also interests me!

  12. Hellooo!!!

    First of all, I had a fantastic time that evening… though I had to rush off towards the end..

    Astrology, I think is an Indian thing..It is culture specific.. and we belong to a culture that believes in destiny & karma & ‘thing beyond our control’ & thus, the fascination & attraction to astrology! (I am also a trainer in ‘cultures and cross- cultures’) 🙂

    So, your fascination is but normal!

    The charts & planets are on a completely different level, because it moves into prediction. I’m not sure how much I believe in it myself, because I have consciously changed my ‘destiny’.. What i think is quite accurate is the understanding of a person.. but then again, like my friend says, “If you want to believe its true, then it is!” & that is applicable to psychology too.. So, in effect, if you want to believe I exist, then I do.. coz, I am an astrologer & a psychologist!!!

    P.S – Why do I get the feeling I may as well have mailed you all this, in possibly greater detail..!? 😀

    So, I am normal! Yipee!!! Btw, the detailed mail is still welcome 😀 with psych & astrological evaluation! 😉

  13. Its great that all of you met! And horoscopes…well, you can have tutions from my mom about that. 🙂

    Sure would like lessons 🙂 & analysis of mine 😀

  14. Oh My!! My parents believe a lot in these things.. Also, I’ve been warned not to wear Black since its not compliant with my raasi though I love Black 😦

    Oh…as I wrote I don’t know. Sometimes I want to. Sometimes I don’t; but don’t go about changing what I wear though 🙂

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