Wonderful weekend!

Had a wonderful weekend. To start with, I have kept to my “resolution” to keep healthy – as in keep to my work out schedule of walking at least 2 miles every day. This weekend makes it almost 10 days πŸ™‚Β  Back to weekend doings; we – A, fellow bloggers (some of them…one was studying or should I say “studying”, one ditched us after asking literally a detailed map to get to a well-known place!, one was working, one said she would come and then dropped out…but quite a number of us did turn up!)Β Β  went to learn & enjoy French folk dancing. It was a 2 hour workshop that was held at Alliance FranΓ§ais de Madras. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Met some interesting people, learnt the dances, had a pseudo work out, had fun and a few laughs! πŸ™‚ Finished it off with a dinner at Pizza hut. Came home really late to freak my mum out! πŸ˜€ Thus went Saturday.

Sunday- woke up late. Made A do his homework. Had a yummy lunch at home. Headed to the Chennai book fair. Again company was a group of bloggers (ok…now no one jinx us…touchwood!! πŸ˜€ ) The place was packed. We almost felt claustrophobic. A wanted to get out asap. We all piled out after some meagre purchases (probably A’s way of tightening my purse strings!) and headed to Aaarti’s place. Hung out there for a while chatting & pulling each other’s legs (more Bedazzled & her hubby this time πŸ™‚ ) ditching plans to hit the Chennai Sangamam that is happening because we all were pretty tired. Will hit that event some time soon.

So my facebook now says “ had a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚ looking forward to saying that about life in general :D” as my status message πŸ™‚Β  Thanks to fellow bloggers, am being a bit sane. Hope they don’t run a mile or more away from me the next time they hear from me πŸ˜‰

Revelation of the weekend: my son A is way better than me and has proven it many a times – there were a few moments where one had to wonder who the adult was! πŸ˜‰