Pongal day

Yesterday was Pongal/ Sankranti or Lohri depending on which part of India you hail from.  So woke up pretty early (by A’s & my standards that is 🙂 ), took part in the festivities at home; had a sumptuous lunch. I should add that I did my work out too (kinda proud about that! so, patting my own back 😉 )

Then started the whirlwind wondrous evening. Co-ordinating the arrival of bloggers to meet at Kafeoke. The place was suggested by Praddy who blogs here. Full credit to him to have suggested the place (Praddy…is that enough credit? ) We all sung our lungs out. The place is closing down as of February 1st. We plan to hit the place again before that. Crossing fingers. For those curious we sang Alice, Summer of 69, Wake me up before you go go. The hits though were the following :

Kasumela from Kadhala Kadhala


Viduthalai from Iruvar

Thanks to G …Mr.Bedazzled 🙂 for the suggestion to sing a ghana type song.

The motley crew then headed to Aparna’s place who blogs here . Her mom had an awesome spread waiting for us in her beautiful home. All of us there were floored by the company, the home & the food. Aunty was wonderful teaching us to make akki roti. Guess what a bunch we were, we even ate the burnt one 🙂
The menu was a wonderful special juice, salad, gojju, phulka, puliyodhare, hunse saaru, beans, curd rice, home made picke & mor milagai with carrot halwa. Served on a palm leaf plate, we wiped all the dishes clean!
A loved the whole outing right from the beginning to the end! He of course was spoilt rotten, blowing bubbles, balloons for him, a special gift from aunty for him (Thanks aunty!) He was so tired that he went right to sleep on the drive back and woke up late this morning!!!

So, now do I have all those who did not join us green with envy?! Good!!  Vimmuuu, Arvind & MN you guys missed out an awesome evening ( I am really running out of adjectives to describe the evening now! )

An evening of singing, laughing, making new friends, hogging! Hoping for more of these!! 🙂 Well, I am glad I did my workout though I think the hogging cancelled out everything and pulled me back…but what the heck, right? 😀 Carpe Diem 🙂

Too many smileys post! 🙂