What is wrong with me?!

Something is definitely wrong with me! Senility catching up? Anxiety? Alzheimer’s? What is it?!

Yesterday I was back in my most depressed state. Cried after quite a while. Don’t know why? Something hit me that my life has not changed one bit? I realise that attitude can make you happy for that day; it does not change your life in any damn way (sorry!) I enjoyed my outings with my friends. It just put my troubles at a back burner. Did not switch it off!! I cried to a couple of friends yesterday. I guess I just made them feel more helpless as there seems to be no solution.

I can’t believe that I actually wrote 2006 on a cheque I issued instead of 2009!!!! It was not 2008 like many who might since it is still the first month of the year…but 2006!!! I don’t swear much…but this certainly is like WTF moment!! Chatting with another friend today, I meant to type “not very interesting” and ended up typing “not very boring”!!! These are 2 of the goof ups I have done in the last few days.

What is wrong?! This too shall pass? I don’t know!! Thankfully, I did not make a fool of myself at the 6 month review of A at his school! 6 months of school done with already!! For those interested,  seems he is quite a smart kid who has his moods (well those who know him…I suppose would say “duh!!” 🙂 ) I have to get him to write his letters and get him used to writing was the feedback. Though, I felt like it was the standard feedback given to all the parents. Make your kid practice writing. I saw some of A’s girl friends. One of them left her mum to come dote on this guy! What does A have? hmmm?!?! Just wondering! Well…I suppose the first of many to come 😀

So, I don’t know what is in store tomorrow?! or the day after…or the days to come. I just want to sometimes yell saying I am totally tired of life or the lack of it! (was my status on facebook too) When will these mood dips end?! Feel the answer is never!