Letter to a friend :)

Dear Nautankey!

I am so sorry! This thing is long overdue! You had awarded me and I did not show it off to others. Your nautankeyness must rub off on me a little…but sadly it hasn’t! yet!! 😀

So, thank you for giving me this lovely award. You awarded this for me leaving comments on your blog.

I must say that I love doing so. Your posts are how do I put it?! Entertaining?! and well, we all get to know what you were pondering over , you thinker!! How you were oggling at gals in our various meets instead of listening to us talk! 😉

Your lethargic friend,

Apar 😀 (and thank you for spelling my name right when you awarded me 🙂 )


Now for the rules of the award you have given me for others to follow:

  • Display the Award in your page – √
  • Award them to your favourite commentators – √
  • Ask them to forward it to their favourite commentators ( oh yeah those awarded below…please do pass it forward!! 🙂 ) …so √
  • And don’t forget to link their page to their names – √

So…hmm the difficult part: Passing the award!!!

This might be a long list…so please please patience required! 😀 I find many of you are really nice to me, tolerate my stupid depressions/moods! Am ever so thankful

Bhargavi, Imp’s mom, Muse, Sulz, The BeadDen, Varun, Amit, Nikhil, Praddy, Vimmuuu, Aparna, Dinesh, Reema, Vishesh (the Smiley man!), Arvind, Archana (well she is kinda new to blogging but has listened to every rant of mine in person too!!!) , Spillay, Scorpria,  Shy , Ms Chill Pill & Anu (get their comments over chat 😉 ).

To those silent readers of mine, I request you to leave your thoughts behind. I may not always agree with you but it feels good that you are there reading my rants/opinions. It just makes me feel like there are people out there who care enough to hop over here and read this with all the other things they could do! 😀


A rose by any other name…

I resisted writing this post for quite sometime now. Yes, it is a post about retaining your maiden name after marriage. All the posts in the blogosphere, some bordering on the lines of obsession, have got to me! I wonder if  Mr.Dutt is actually enjoying all this publicity albeit negative. After all, it keeps him in the news and people talking, so everyone is aware of his existence!!! Don’t all politicians want to be talked about all the time?! Be he an uneducated, criminal druggie or whatever!

So, adding to all those posts out there, here is one more! Should one take the husband’s name or not after marriage? Why should anyone have a say in that? If at all, it should be the woman’s choice. I have friends who retained their maiden names, friends who have hyphenated their names with their hubbies and those who have gladly changed their names.

Why create a hullabaloo over names?!  People do what is convenient for them or what is required of them in their own lives! None of us have any business asking others to do what we think is right! I had an MCP tell me that I am committing a crime by not having taken my husband’s name. I told him it was my choice, if any one could ever have a say it should be P. The guy persisted with his talks which got me irritated to the point where I told him; well I will change my name if P took my last name. After all, we got married to each other. The guy was aghast! It is just my take on this. I might have changed my name; but did not. As is Tamil custom (P is Tamil), the kid takes up the father’s first name as its last name. So A is AP 🙂 My nurse was amused at all 3 of us having different last names and I had to get into this long explanation of what is what!

Funny thing…P wanted A to have my last name as his! Wish it were that way now…*sigh*. Here I digress!!!

So, I just want to say….forget it!! Stupid politicians with their idiotic opinions! Who bothers? Why should one bother and give it way too much of an importance? Though I am doing it right now. It is not because of some criminal/junkie’s opinion but because I really was getting irritated with all the hoopla/the obsession etc by educated bloggers! Now I am just adding to the irritation of others I suppose 😀 Done my bit 😉