Ms.Winkle?! Me?

What have I been upto for the past few days? Nothing really. I have slept through most of the days except to wake up & look after A. This is way too many Zzzzzs for an insomniac like me.

I was chatting with MsChill Pill answering her query as to how my day was. She said I was catching up on my lost sleep so far with me telling her that would only happen if I became Rip Van Winkle. 🙂

Wow! Would it not be great? Going some place, meeting strangers, a game of nine pins…. the liquor bit I am not so sure though 😉 and sleeping for a couple of decades! I would look a wee bit better than Mr.Winkle I suppose – no facial hair (hopefully!!! 😀 ) Does n’t hibernation also involve weight loss? 😉

Hmmm….now that said, what would I miss? A’s growth. That is all and that is a lot. Quite a toss up now, ain’t it?

I know I will be back to my insomnia, ranting, cribbing, enjoying A’s life and a wee bit of mine 🙂 telling you all about the crazy mundane life (now that is an oxymoron – guess it is the crazy me leading a mundane life!  🙂 )